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8.1.0 SDK .NET RPBX problem

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I have a rather strange problem. After deploying my application on client PCs, some XP home machines' playback events do not get triggered. For example after I call the LoginX method, the OnLoginOK event does not get triggered. Or when picture arrives, the OnGetPicture method does not get triggered. I have been talking with support for a couple of weeks and gotten no where. they say it works, but the reality is it doesn't.


It very strange because the same installation file works on some machines, but not on others. I am not able to troubleshoot this as I have no clue how to go about it. any suggestions?


I don't think it's hardware related. but here is the config of the client pc


XP Home SP2

2GHz AMD Sempron 3000+


VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP 64MB Video Card

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I havent used the Remote playback control, well I did test it once a year or so ago, but I use the LiveX.


With the LiveX, when you set the login information, and then call PlayX, which with LiveX is basically connect, you then wait for OnCntConnect or OnConnect. OnConnect means it connected and logged in okay. I dont use OnLoginOk myself, at least not for LiveX.


As to the OnGetPicture, are you first using the call to StartGrapImage?


As to the installation and the other issues, they are perhaps using or have used the web based version which takes over any previous versions, and that wont have all the features. What i do is check on loading that my version of the control is installed and registered, to make sure they have the right one, if not I reinstall it then re register it. If the person is not an admin though, then there can be issues related to that.



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