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Remote monitoring of bird of Prey

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Hi all,


I've been asked to put a quote in for the monitoring of an endangdered Bird of Prey nest.

The nest is getting vandelised each spring.

The problem is that the nest is as you can imagine very remote ! And the cameras have to be discreet.

So my problems are there is:

No power so I will have to dig in some large battery reserves

The nearest house is over a 2KM away?

No internet ( Obviously )


I'm thinking of using a RF transmitter with small high gain antenna hidden as high up as possible to get line of sight to a nearby house ( 2KM + away )

and using a number of battery packs dug in to give me power which will have to be changed once/Twice a week or so.


Can anyone think of a better way? Some kind of GPRS/GSM device ?

I need to cameras on this one aswell. One for the nest and one to catch the

vandals coming up to the nest site.





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There are quite a few different ways to go. Solar would be the best way. We have built systems for monitoring animal migration and so forth. You can see our solar trailer unit at www.remotesystems.us

PM me and I can get the particulars from you and recommend a system. The 2km should not be a problem. The solar would need to be sized according to your location, solar isolation, and power requirements of the system. It should not be that difficult to make the system descreet from the Raptors or vandals.

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