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Computer guy needs a CCTV installer in Silicon Valley

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Hi all,


My deepest apologies if this is inappropriate. I would have liked to PM a few people for recommendations but with fewer than 10 posts I can not PM. If I knew enough to make ten intelligent posts I wouldn't need to solicit blind introductions


I am a decent computer consultant in Silicon Valley. I have a client in Menlo Park that is considering a CCTV system. They currently have a NetPromax 16 channel DVR and 6 unimpressive cameras, all inside. The original installer is unavailable.


They are not sure what they want but I foresee 5-6 external cameras and 5-6 more internal cameras. They are talking more. The installations will be in 1-5 buildings. They estimate a 80% probability of going through with the project. They have a unlimited budget but can have some administrative stumblings.


The current concern is employee harassment. They have had notes left on the windshield of a employee's car. They are also having a reoccurrence of theft from employees. Last time this happened a cleaning person was caught going through an employee's purse. From the timing they suspect that it is the cleaning service again.


I would appreciate any advice about how to find, interview, and hire a CCTV installer. Specific recommendations would be appreciated. Feel free to PM me. I will keep you opinions completely private.


Again, my apologies if this is an inappropriate request. I recognize that rory keeps this forum very non-commercial. I appreciate that, but I'm desperate



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