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I need a few cameras for indoor use. They all face outwards towards entrances and one of them is pointing at a glass wall and door, so I'm worried about contrast/backlight issues. They should also have IR so they can see in the dark.


Any suggestions?


Also, they must be analog/bnc and I will be recording at D1 resolution. Will there any benefit in going above 420 TVL? Live viewing is not an issue, so all images will be recorded, digitised, compressed, etc.



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Camera recommendations would start with



threat level

camera job description


Budget: self explanatory.


Threat level: residential verse residential with a million dollars cash under the mattress verses commercial, verses building with security classification.


There is no "right" camera. When installing cameras I look at what that camera is supposed to look at from that position, and what is it supposed to tell me. In dark nightclubs I use $100.00 mini B/W cameras for pool tables, darts, tables, and walk ways. I use $1000.00 cameras for the front door, back door, and the ATM machine, and I use $300 - $400 cameras for the in between stuff. Believe it or not $ B/W minis work great as long as there are rope lighting, pool table lights, and bar neons to provide low lighting for the cameras.


I would suggest varifocal cameras so that you can set each camera to the perfect view, and then as your needs/situation changes then you can change the view on the camera to meet your new needs.

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