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Avermedia 1304NET, what is your recommendation for setup?

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I should be getting mine early next week. Obviously I'm excited to hook it up and see what it can do. I don't know that I'll have any cameras by the time that I get it, but I can at least hook it up to a monitor and start looking through the settings.


So any recommendations on how to use it? Things to watch out for?

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But I have installed the SA7208H 8 channel, which is a really great unit, but it's embedded XP, I'm not sure the 1304 is.


I usually set all cameras to motion, and I make sure to use the masking feature, especially for exterior cameras, things like trees and wind can cause them to make empty recordings and eat up HD space.


The Remote console is one of the best features, and their playback technology is great.


My major gripe with these machines is their ActiveX remote viewer, but other than that, Aver makes a great box.

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