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I just recently received 2 american dynamics multiplexers 16ch each, a sensormatic time lapse, I was wondering on how to hook this into a VM96 system, so that I can record all cameras instead of just the one camera I am currently watching.

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The only thing the mux/vcr is used for in your configuration is to record / playback video. There is no direct interface into the VM96 Matrix Switcher.


Typically, you would bring the video into the muxes, loop out and terminate at the matrix. For multiplexed displays you would either connect monitors up directly to your multiplexers or if you have additional inputs available on the VM96 you could bring the output of the mux to the input of the matrix. Doing so provides with the ability to call up a 4x4 display on any of the VM96 outputs. NOTE: you won't have any control of the muxes from the TouchTracker. All mux control will be from their front panels (2x2, 3x3, etc).


As for the recordign side of things, vcr out to vcr in (between mux and VCR) and visa versa. iI would also connect the cam trigger output of VCR to VCR trigger input of the mux to synchronize the recording between the 2 devices. Much easier!

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The video signals are transmitted over coaxial cable and connect to the multiplexer (mux) first. They then loop out of the mux (each mux has 16 video inputs and each input has a looping output) and connect to the VM96 matrix. NOTE: The mux will have a termination switch located between the 2 BNC connections for every camera. This switch must be set to the HI-Z (or sideways setting when looping the video!


In your configuration, the muxes are used to take up to 16 cameras and record them on a single VCR. The matrix is used to monitor the cameras by allowing you to call any camera up to any of its monitor outputs (up to 8 outputs) using the TouchTracker keyboard.


As for the mux setup... check out this link from ATV! Your mux/VCR configuration is going to be the same (VCR out to VCR in and visa versa)!




And don't forget about the VCR tape maintenance (go to link below)!



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