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Newbie question

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Hi all, I'm new to the forum. My primary business is telephone, catv, network wiring and home audio. I have been asked to wire up an exsiting cctv job. Cameras are already in place. There are 4 cameras. The receiver (if that is what you call it has 4 camera inputs, a vcr in, vcr out, and monitor out. The customer wants a monitor behind the counter, a monitor in the office, and the vcr in the office. The office is about 40' from the counter. My thinking is to do the following.

4 cameras into receiver inputs, vcr out of receiver into vcr in on vcr.

Monitor output to onitor behind the counter

VCR out on the vcr to the 2nd monitor in the office.

Does this sound feesible??

Thanks for you help in advance, Bobby..

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