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    Hi. It is not a simple as you think infact it’s pointless… you would be better off selling your working ptzs and putting the money towards new iP ptz which is a cheaper option anyway reasons why analog ptz go into startup mode on first power….. head spins for pan and tilt central point then zoom (focus check) this is all done on heads management then allows ptz to operate …. Changing camera head from analog to iP you will loose the zoom central point as the ptz head management can’t read data … analog is done by sensors next problem power difference…. Samsung is 24v so you will need to go Poe on camera head and another supply for old ptz control ….. and this gives you another problem analog ptz controller will not control zoom on iP camera so a analog ptz controller needs to be used to pan and tilt and a network controller or nvr for zoom control … this also gives you the other problem …. You can’t have control at all if using a app for nvr to control ptz as far as replacement domes for camera to fit you will see 10 years ago in forum search it is not that easy and expensive…. We used to make them years ago
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    Hi. There is always a reason why I ask a lot of questions…. Put them all together and get to the problem. I’ll explain why you think your system has been hacked now knowing your hard drive history without your system not on any network a hacker will first change your password and lock you out cctv that 98% of all hacks in your case it’s not a hack it’s using a secondhand hard drive that is already infected with a malware or spyware that it has been infected with on what ever else it was used in I trying to think of a simple way of putting it look at is this way your hard drive has Alzheimer's its confused also known as corrupt hard drive. bad sectors slowing speed the good new is malware or spyware on your hard drive will not get onto your nvr it only writes to a hard drive there is no storage on your nvr to be infected its always been said always use a brand new hard drive straight out of the packet and into nvr …. Then the nvr will automatically format the drive for it use on that nvr so don’t waste money on a new nvr just buy a new hard drive
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    Hi your easiest solution is to swap out your nvr …there a cheap solution as far as car on one screen and not the other depends on how live view is configured on your unit …. Some new so called 4K systems like yours needs to be processed (4Kviewing)this also uses hard drive do you know what hard drive you have fitted to your unit
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    Yes it was your question….. secret Wi-Fi chip is your second question the answer to your problem is the same above faulty hard drive and it is common you can also go into your router and look at inbound traffic …. Or contact your service provider for information on inbound constant freezing play back = this can be something as simple as wrong hard drive fittedWriting speed wrong ——————————————- video playback 6 secondsslower than HDD time marker and on and on = sign of bad sectors on your hard drive sectors not in order to read so takes longer because of faulty sectors —————————————- these are your questions in your first post which points to bad hard drive ……. Your system even has a operation log ….which will show everything
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    Hi without your system being on internet it won’t of been hacked. your symptoms are also the same as a faulty hard drive…… in your case a lot of bad sectors….. this would be my first thing to sort out replace hard drive and also check time and date is constant
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