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  1. Hi. When blank it means no motion area when you drag mouse over area you want motion detection then that is filled in with out doing this you will not get the green indication on your playback bar
  2. Hi.. green / blue / red/ yellow are standard on most systems if your timeline is only blue then your system is continuously recording you need to setup motion
  3. tomcctv

    Unauthorized access tocamera menu

    Hi with you having the TVT DVR there is only one way to gain access to your cameras is by going into your dvr remotely or local did you install yourself or by a company also a loose connection can do this …. But on your playback video do you see the camera menu options moving up and down. If so this shows someone has access
  4. tomcctv


    Hi I sent you a link ……. It’s pc software nvms1000 works on your pc
  5. tomcctv

    TVT Supercam Plus

    Yes your right in every point and we should all ignore TVT first the app it’s not down to preference it’s always best to use what manufacturer says instructions from TVT including app manual for SuperLive plus http://en.tvt.net.cn/service/download197.html as far as listing settings of your recorder under stream settings to help with your settings……… simple task but instead you argue again ………. Two settings to alter and your streaming would work 100% better and your not interested in app custom settings….. what do you mean never been expanded??
  6. tomcctv

    Diginet Center Software

    Hi I have never used that equipment but from what I can work out you need the client for windows 7 to play the files for v5 this company says it has the client I’ll pm a link
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    Hi yes you need to download the software mill pm you a link
  8. tomcctv

    TVT Supercam Plus

    I use SuperLive and have over 30 units on the one app each with 4 to 16 cameras 3.5 seconds and real-time …. Never in 7 years of selling TVT (qvis) have I had a problem so it shows your system has a settings problem or poor network go to recorder and list settings under record click settings click record icon click stream settings ….. on the left of your screen and list each cameras settings
  9. tomcctv

    TVT Supercam Plus

    Hi there are only 4 people in the uk who can fix your recorder if you alter the domain …. It even has a warning next to it if changed the Nat is associated with that recorder you are only seeing a part of the domain (so as others can’t copy it) As far as uk so am I and you have the viper recorder this is an example of your domain N7D800xxxxxxEurope/autonateu.com so do not alter it
  10. tomcctv

    TVT Supercam Plus

    Ok we seem to be getting nowhere hundreds of TVT recorders out and I’m tech support also for my area yes 4g is slow but there are settings to stream faster yes your iP address works faster because it’s local (only on your network) so it’s impossible to connect with local iP when away from your system you also have custom settings on app to make connection quick and smooth also what country are you in …. It makes a big difference to the app
  11. tomcctv

    TVT Supercam Plus

    Hi don’t change the domain it won’t help you which app are you using now ?
  12. tomcctv

    hikdistribution.com legit ?

    Hi nothing is legit from hikvision anymore and the site you have listed pings all over the place main area is Canada… there it changes it’s name but same iP and ends up in Hong Kong website is only a few months old Updated Date: 2023-03-02T14:17:03Z Creation Date: 2023-03-02T10:42:37Z Registry Expiry Date: 2025-03-02T10:42:37Z so no I would not buy from that site …. Yes they’re cheap but for a reason…… some countries are starting to ban the imports and also removing the fcc and ce certification don’t waste your money as you can’t get it back
  13. tomcctv

    TVT Supercam Plus

    Hi that’s the reason why you can’t get connection away from your local network. recorder settings ….. click settings bottom left…… then click network ….. then at the top of that page you will see NAT …. Click on that …. You will then see a qr code and under that you will see a code …… go on your phone or pad and replace the iP address with that code and it’s case sensitive then click save at bottom of app
  14. tomcctv

    TVT Supercam Plus

    Ok did you scan or put the Nat code into your app or the iP address
  15. tomcctv

    TVT Supercam Plus

    Hi it looks like your using the wrong app supercam plus is not TVTs app you need to delete that app and reload SuperLive plus ….. uninstall supercam first
  16. tomcctv

    is there a tinycam app section here

    Hi not many people want there systems to be linked to a China server let alone give out every bit of personal data to 3rd parties It makes no sense why anyone who needs cctv to give out or let a 3rd party person recover YOUR data from all your devices why and what is the reason if I asked you for the iP address of your phone and pc and tablets ….. I think you would say no
  17. Yes I know what a static iP is …..most static are free from isp …. Paying for them is a thing of the past also using them is a thing of the past … only need one if the system is old like yours and does not support NAT your looking at £270 for 8 way 4K nvr and NDAA approval….. don’t buy without in the uk
  18. Hi a static from that company costs a lot of money ….. infact you have a static IPv6 but shared. And you also have a what’s called a stack router which they have supplied (it’s the only way ipv4 and IPv6 can communicate) ipv4 was established 1983 it can’t disappear overnight instead of spending more money I would swap out your recorder (cheaper than buying a static from them) remember it’s a monthly charge for as long as your with them as far as apps you should be using explorer app for that unit But your recorder is 9 years old so no point spending money with your isp when you can just change nvr
  19. Hi. Atlantis pro and I Apollo 8 are too seperate systems ……. How old is your unit and why are you using that app … are you on iOS or android? I wish people read there isp terms and conditions….. 14 you have gone past your 14 day period then it’s going to start getting expensive for you i don’t know which option you have taken for data but lets say the 500mbps which unless you have a big family all watching Netflix then it is overkill BUT you only get 500mbps if everything is hard wired (90%) of equipment is now Wi-Fi based in a home so your not going to get 500mbps IPv4 is standard and IPv6 is rolling out more in the uk but here is my problem with your new supplier a IPv4 iP is getting hidden behind a Nat by your new supplier for some reason I have never seen a mainstream isp do that in the uk before
  20. Hi which recorder do you have ???
  21. Hi all 3 listed above are not all dahua so we need to determine which system you have … your screen image also shows you are using the xmeye unit …. Which can use the dahua app also why are you choosing IPv6 …… depending on age of your recorder it may not be supported can I ask why you have gone with such a new company that was created in 2020
  22. Hi I have sent you info via you pm
  23. Take all your private information company only been running 2 months …. Unsafe Updated Date: 2023-06-26T08:21:32Z Creation Date: 2023-06-26T06:28:09Z Registry Expiry Date: 2024-06-26T06:28:09Z
  24. Hi have you allowed access to all 3 IP address in you netgear go to browser and enter www.mywifiext.net password is on back of extender then lookup your and 103 and give them access but you will find netgear powerline plugs will work much better between your routers and much faster data
  25. Ok was just trying to save you time and money ……. Just finding the cameras to work on that unit old AHD 960h cameras don’t exist anymore and HD AHD cameras won’t work on that unit