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  1. Hi. I would look at a hybrid system you can still use your existing cameras plus upgrade and add in time. avermedia cards and the pc software are no longer supported but just by using a hybrid your existing cameras will also give you a better image. Avermedia cards limited your cameras. wireless systems are not a good idea and don’t last. A hybrid system will also allow you to use ip cameras ........ you don’t need to get cables to them you just need a power supply at the location and that allows you to send the video down existing power cable hybrids are cheap now and allows you to use up to 5mp
  2. tomcctv

    AVH1109 and DGH1109

    Hi. Most recorders are sold as 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 reading both specs they are only 8way recorders. also there is a little difference between both models you have listed ..... size of mp cameras you can use and the other difference is notifications. Avtech have two types of push notification..... push video and push alert. One sends notification without video the other sends video ........ which is a bit out of date to other manufacturers NVRs i am not a fan of a 3rd party involvement in a cctv system ...... using a cloud service in another country and the last few years it has not been good for avtech your moving up from a analog to HD mp cameras is your old system on coax or cat5 ? have you looked at any other make and also HD analog
  3. tomcctv

    WWV-SF332 Alternative?

    Hi. Selling you discontinued cameras is a bad start. as for £2000 cost ... that would depend on the camera install .... distance of new cable and how installed ie conduit or groundwork. is this a private school ???? Your right local authority schools would not have that expense. as far as avigilon..... it is not a plug and play system and you will find that your system will have a system manager either school IT or school has a contract with the install company. either way the manager is the only person who can add cameras. yes avigilon system can run other makes of cameras cheaper than your Panasonic...... I don’t know what licence costs you have but I would ask the question why your install company is not using avigilon cameras....... there same price as your Panasonic But better and no charge for licence
  4. tomcctv

    Strange flickering lines on the screen

    Hi. What type of cable have you used and the distance from camera to dvr. what size power supply are you using
  5. Hi. You are going to have compatibility problems with the mix of equipment you are using. set all your cameras to 1080p as your nvr can’t run with the mix of 3mp and 4mp cameras also your new ptz has to be set to h264 ..... for your recorder as it will not run smooth on h265 which is what your ptz camera is factory set to from new also are you running the ptz as Poe or separate power supply. a 7 year old nvr has limits and your pushing it too hard
  6. Hi. Check your log on your router .... then check the ip address the same time you have the problem xmeye monitors your system from China and that slows down your system cleaning your connections won’t change your local IP address .... which means you have DHCP is always active in your dvr network settings which is not good your two images also shows that your network security is a problem your first shows your local ip as your second image shows it as yet it still allows you to login without you having to change anything ....... you should not of been able to of used your CMS you are not connecting to your dvr with your local ip ...... you are always connecting to xmeye cloud server which is China based and not a good idea
  7. Just looks like your up has changed... see what happens in a day or so. i see your unit uses Xmeye software are you using any other devices to view your system and who’s cms are you using
  8. Hi. Which cms are you using. also are you viewing your system from any other devices like phone or pad.
  9. tomcctv

    Qvis Quattro with ptz

    Hi. Sounds like your camera is the wrong format.... tvi cvi ahd dis you buy ptz new or secondhand
  10. tomcctv

    Qvis Quattro with ptz

    Hi are you using rs485 or over video control the ony-x also needs to be on hikvision protocol in the drop down menu
  11. tomcctv

    How to set Park position PTZ

    Hi. Mover your ptz to the location that you want to be the home then under preset setting save it as preset 1.
  12. tomcctv

    How to set Park position PTZ

    Hi are you using the controls on your dvr or control unit
  13. Hi. I would look at optex duel sensors they are a standard used on boats large and small
  14. tomcctv

    LED String strobe light

    Hi look for alarm box strobe lights on amazon also it’s not always good to alert people to a location of a camera
  15. tomcctv

    School Football Field Camera System

    Hi. What is your budget. Broadcasting is going to be expensive just on its own ... network infrastructure to allow many people to watch a system to be security and broadcast are two completely different systems ptz is fine for security but not to follow player and ball running down a pitch A standard ptz can’t keep up. the closest type of system would be a high MP camera with E-ptz and you would only need 4 cameras for the whole system. but you need a good system
  16. tomcctv

    BlackVue dash cam problems

    Here is a quick temp fix for BlackVue for iOS 13 and 13.1. go to iPhone BlackVue app click top left then sign out of your device. Then go to BlackVue cloud in the app Then click my location (which is to right on the map) The click use only while on app and this will allow you to use till new BlackVue update
  17. Since iOS 13 update BlackVue dash cam have become useless on the apple platform and with the new iOS 13.1 the problem still remains. any comments if your using BlackVue devices
  18. tomcctv

    Accessing system away from home.

    Hi the link provided only checks your network if it shows Exeter based that means that’s we’re sky server is located which is providing your home with internet if you don’t trust it just google what is my ip but you will find it will shop same ip as my link
  19. tomcctv

    Accessing system away from home.

    Hi. Yes next too ipv4
  20. tomcctv

    Accessing system away from home.

    HI with mentioning sky ... your in the uk yes there right as you get a static IP address with them. there are two types of IP address you need one is local which is something like 192.168.x.x. ..... which you have set up right and it’s your local ip which is allowing you to view while at home. to view while away from home you just need to add a external IP address which you will find by clicking on this link .... the number at the top is your external ip https://whatismyipaddress.com/ in your device list list go to edit and replace your local ip with the one from the link ... click save and your done.
  21. tomcctv

    CCTV only showing black and white

    Wow what a load of crap. If that’s your answer to black and white ..... change job Check how old posts are before you link crap adverts and fill the forum full of your crap
  22. tomcctv

    Protect hdd

    Hi there is nothing wrong with your hard drive. It sounds like you don’t have overwrite enabled so when your hard drive is full it will beep and no longer display ... this is to protect the data on drive. Enable overwrite and it will delete old for new data
  23. tomcctv

    Hik 8mp TVI Camera

    Hi. You will also need to upgrade your recorder to run 4K if your recorder is not compatible with 8mp then check and see what it’s max res is. You might find you can go 4mp
  24. tomcctv

    record video to dvr coaxial ports ??

    Hi. It sounds like your using the the cameras setup bnc to run on your dvr. The problem with that is your not getting full res from your ip camera .... it will only be 960h analog. Your going to turn your post long winded if you can’t list the cameras your using have you bought them new or from a site like eBay used.
  25. tomcctv

    record video to dvr coaxial ports ??

    Hi. Are you also using BNC cameras ? the best way and easy way and cheapest Mia to buy a nvr. How Oe old are your up cameras and what make.