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    Looking for camera suggestions

    So a ptz in window ….. that’s not small So none visible ir your just selling your crap
  2. tomcctv

    Dahua Wizsense confusion

    Hi. Yes the system is good …. However the data protection is not for everyone that visits your home ……. You can’t control that side of your system dahua does i tell people now to have a switch that allows you to turn off your recorders network while your home and only switch network on when your home is empty if you have not installed it yet I would hold off as you can’t send it back once used dahua sent me some kit offers $125 for recorder and 10 cameras …. That’s a reduction of $600 on same kit last month most countries are still waiting for the ban result
  3. tomcctv

    Dahua Wizsense confusion

    Hi. Yes you need a analytics camera and if recorder which attributes your looking for but if your looking at buying wizsense (Ai) I would not buy just yet ….you could be wasting your money
  4. Hi are you using the SD card for recording ?
  5. tomcctv

    Choice of Audio Cable

    Hi Why are you running cable ….. you don’t need to feed cable
  6. Hi I don’t understand this part why using a patch panel
  7. Did you try the password given
  8. I have been for 20years Qvis won’t give password as they also need the QR code. (That is we’re the password is generated from) depending on how old your recorder is (I think you have the 2mp unit) when you power down then start up again does it take you to a wizard page ? we’re are you located Try this ttvvtthuanyuan
  9. Hi. Your right these types of testing are a pain first I would do is strip each cable end and split all the cables go to one end and check continuity on every cable …. Then do the same on other end …… if you get continuity then you know you have a bad cable clip into cable also twist each pair together at one end and check continuity at other end if all is ok try simple tests like make both ends back up …. Plug one end into your network and the other end plug in a laptop and see if it picks up your internet if that works then next is to look at your Poe from reading your post it sounds like your not direct to nvr so camera power is from your switch setup ?
  10. Hi there is no code generator for this unit you should be getting a password reminder to your password and if you have had it working before you can also reset via the app if you can’t do any of the above then then also after entering wrong password a few times you will see a retrieve password you need to scan and copy the QR code that comes on screen then send that to who supplied you the unit …. They will get back with code that unit is sold under a few names falcon viper but infact it is a TVT nvr and they are one of the best on market today
  11. Hi. This is a bit understood with a few FW with dahua and the problem is not with the recorder it’s the cameras with standard cameras IR is switched on and off via sensor in the camera so dvr does not have control of this feature. If you have cameras that allow this control then you would have access via dvr menu do you have control of your cameras menu via the ptz settings on the dvr
  12. Hi. Not a problem ….. we all learn everyday hold you to the beer I have a few customers there …… church wine bar and a few petrol stations
  13. tomcctv

    Sony IPELA SNC VM601 Security Camera

    More junk ……. A camera run on China server
  14. Hi back to my first post ….. don’t waste money 12 year old recorder and cameras … you are just wasting your time here is a test for your cameras because it sounds like you bought them secondhand do you know the password for your cameras ? Nvrs and cameras are cheap …… spend your money on new
  15. No it’s because you have wired your rj45 wrong I would also say get a new tester ….. because 12345678 will show two faults how many testers did you use
  16. It matters a lot to the point your system will not work if you use a rj45 tester with your 12345678 it will say fault….. there is no way around that I have been doing this for 36 years I know I am right Is standard all over the world now yes you might have 1 or two cameras working ….. they might of already been in your local IP range …… your other cameras not working might also have local ip range but are the same ip as the other camera so won’t work as now you have a conflict wiring your rj45 in the right way will allow your recorder or router to assigne your cameras a new local IP address see my first reply to your post …. I knew from your first post what your problem is 90% of diyers wire rj45 wrong
  17. Hi. Until you wire your rj45 correctly then your not going to fix your problem your camera will not communicate and will not have a IP address assigned all network cables need to be wired correctly
  18. Hi. Yes this is a big issue your cameras will not work …. They can’t communicate with the network T-568B is how you must wire your rj45s
  19. Hi. Like a lot of people ….. firmware is not the recorders software firmware is updates or fixes from manufacturers…… so using hikvision firmware will not work … infact it will make your recorder useless……. You would need the hik SOFTWARE from 2012 …. which you won’t find as it was removed from any downloads for having spyware
  20. Hi what I mean about wasting money is your recorder is 10 years old …. Has no support your cameras are old hikvision 1.3 mp and again no updates so you don’t have a match no point buying a nvr to go with cameras and no point buying cameras to match your old recorder
  21. Hi. The answer is no Yes 2013 your lorex was hik but First your unit is too old to do anything with and your hik cameras are the same too old and no updates…… spending money on a 1.3mp system is just a waste
  22. Hi you need to let us know how your going to run the monitors
  23. Hi. Which colour code did you use on your rj45
  24. tomcctv

    how do i close my account please.??

    Hi. You just don’t use your account
  25. tomcctv

    Convert HD to IP??

    Hi is hikvision your only choice