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  1. Ok so is the app not working or another problem in your first post ATV Cloud has nothing to do with cctv it’s just a spam add
  2. Hi what equipment do you have
  3. tomcctv

    Ethernet to wifi

    Hi everything is in the box …… I unit plugs into a socket by your recorder you then plug the Ethernet into dvr then the plug you use the other plug by your router and connect the Ethernet cable into router then plug….. all leads are supplied
  4. tomcctv

    Ethernet to wifi

    Hi best and simple way is a tp-link set they are cheap and plug and play job done in 5 minutes https://www.tp-link.com/uk/home-networking/powerline/tl-pa717-kit/
  5. tomcctv

    Using CCTV to create Timelapse

    WHY ???? ….. no wonder you need to spam giving advice like this to your customers nothing to do with monitoring…… post is 12 years old
  6. So secondhand hard drive WD…… you still have not said what type or speed or even age you don’t get any good results from online HD tools …. Infact they don’t even delete the old data on them…… so may still have bad sectors
  7. tomcctv

    PTZ Issue - could it be a Protocol issue?

    Hi ….. no you won’t have problems switching rs485 around as it’s only data not power just for a quick test remove the 485 from keyboard and connect to dvr and see if you have control then
  8. So it was a secondhand hard drive ? what make of drive and type is it drives should be formatted on the unit there going to be used on .. not pc
  9. Ok what size hard drive did you replace it with and type ….. and was in new and formatted by the recorder
  10. Hi. Skipping on video playback is motion sensitivity is set too low and also your pre and post settings…….. you could also have bad sectors on your hard drive
  11. Hi. The problem you have explained has nothing to do with firmware you system can’t be working for years and then just stop working this points to a component fail something like hard drive firmware can’t fix components hacked or hard drive problems with you having the XMEYE it is not worth spending time on app stopped support 2 years ago it’s also China P2P ….. this is why you get adverts on the app before you can view your system
  12. tomcctv

    help for unknown dvr

    HI ….. no updates ……it’s a cif recorder so updated software would not run as the unit would not have supported hardware
  13. Hi …. No …. Not unless your nvr is hybrid you can’t directly add analog to iP system not with baluns wifi camera to nvr ……. Wi-Fi cameras people get mixed up with cctv vs smart cameras…. Most smart cameras won’t allow nvr connection as there registered to a server (China)
  14. tomcctv

    PTZ Issue - could it be a Protocol issue?

    Hi. This will just be a setup problem with your ptz cameras view on the screen power them down wait 2mins then back on first thing they will do is go into setup mode ….. you will see your camera moving to set points …. But while it’s doing this you will also see the camera settings on the screen address -protocol-baud rate then in dvr ptz setup match those settings to the camera ……..
  15. Do you not see the problem in doing this ?
  16. CD key … 93xxxxxxxxxxxx remember all case sensitive also have lots of parts for avermedia
  17. tomcctv

    Testing CCTV Analogue Cable

    Ok so what is the 12v for 150m is still too long what amp is drawn and what connectors are you using BNC to scart or RCA
  18. tomcctv

    Testing CCTV Analogue Cable

    Hi 920ft is a big distance to run monitor over without a signal booster what connection is at monitor end and dvr end also why having 12v ? Over that distance you will be lucky to have 6v
  19. Hi yes it is very possible which country are you in and is Vodafone available ?
  20. Hi now you have shown the screen yes it’s a dahua nvr6000 and no sync can also mean out of range are you using the remote app ? Also what monitor are you using and connection type vga or hdmi monitor type is a problem with some early dahua units ….. if the monitor settings are changed then video goes out of range and you will need a HD tv plugged in to lower the range but yes it’s worth getting working …… I go past your area every few weeks but I think we can get you back up and running without a visit
  21. tomcctv

    New DVR No Signal

    Hi both you auction units are old …. Bosh is 7 years old dahua is 9 years old and both units are analog 960h only your zosi is a HD analog TVI unit and can only use TVI cameras …… if you just need a new dvr look for a 4 in 1 unit …. This will allow you to use your existing cameras
  22. Hi … yes by your photos it is 100% a dahua 128 channel nvr the plug in the centre top is there as dahua badge removed what does the system do if anything ? and we’re are you based how many cameras do you have
  23. That is 100% a dahua 128 …… Ic always used dahua even the apps are rebadged dahua also I used to deal with Ic for years till they went into liquidation in 2016 how long have you had the recorder the storm is a 8mp so it can only be a year or so old ???????? I think yours is 8 years old
  24. Hi. It’s not worth it to pay for old systems to work Ic used dahua units …. Which yours is its sounds like the units software has gone corrupt With age of unit installing newer software would not work as hardware is too old