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  1. Thank you for the response! If I use a camera power supply should I put an inline fuse in place? The DVR is configurable to be either normally open or normally closed.
  2. I have one of the Dahua based Tribrid DVR's... I'm done with video motion detection and want to try out an external motion detector. I was going to order one of the Bosch OD850 units. I don't think it comes with a power supply, recommendations? What type of wire should I use for the actual alarm input to the DVR? The span of wire would be about 50' I do have an 8 channel 12v power supply that I use for my camera's, I assume I could use that for powering the sensor but would I have to fuse the wire to ensure I don't provide too much current to the sensor? Thx for the help!!
  3. yeah on the DVR itself under "settings/network" there's no DNS section under "Advanced settings" I have: IP filter NTP Multicast PPPOE DDNS Email FTP Alarm server That's it... When I go to GenIV's website there's a PDF for setting up DDNS with G4IP.com on the JS-XLA (what I have, older one) that says something about firmware and to check if you have a DNS entry or not.... I guess the firmware I have just isn't setup for this to work... strange they would have a DDNS section if it never worked because the DNS section wasn't there. Still would like someone to explain to me what the DNS does..
  4. there's no place to put a DNS server in my DVR software
  5. I'm thinking this has never worked. All the information I have found says I need to configure my DNS server. I don't even have a DNS server link to click on in my DVR software. What exactly is the DNS server and what does it do that allows my DDNS to function. It would be nice if there were better instructions than what I have access to now. Thanks to anyone who can help
  6. Hey all, In early 2009 I bought an intellicam system from Shoreview Security (Now out of business). Back then I thought I had setup my DDNS with no-ip correctly but really don't know. I have always been able to remote view my DVR by going to my no-ip.org domain but I don't know for certain that my IP address ever changed. Today I switched ISP's so of course my IP changed and I've noticed that my IP address for my domain on no-ip hasn't updated. So I need help setting this up again. Here's what I have let me know what you think: DDNS Type: NO-IP DDNS (enabled) Server IP: Since I bought the DVR this was set to; I called NO-IP and was told it should be (anyone know for sure?) Port: 80 Domain Name: This was blank all along; NO-IP told me to put in xxxxx.no-ip.org (my domain name) I did this and then saved and rebooted the DVR when I went to look at it again it was blank again?!?!?! User Name: Before I had the "xxxxxx" from my domain name. NO-IP told me to put in the username I log in to their website with Password: This has always been and continues to be the password I log into their site with So what do you think... have I ever had this setup right? Do I have it setup right now? Why did it delete my domain name when I saved and rebooted? How often does the DVR update the IP at No-ip.com? Thanks for all the help! Tony
  7. Hi all, My work laptop was just upgraded to Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8. I used DaveM's instructions for getting the webrec installed. I'm able to log into the web client but it's all messed up. I tried clicking the "compatibility view" feature which at least put the menu's in the right place but I couldn't watch any video or even open the configuration screen. Has anyone else encountered this? Do I need to update firmware? Thanks for any help Tony
  8. Dave, You Sir are a genious!!! That worked. I never would have figured this out on my own. Thank you so much for your help. BTW, what exactly does regsvr32 do?
  9. Dave, Unfortunately the method you gave me did not work. I unzipped and installed the webrec utility. It looks like it installed (added a folder to my ProgramFiles directory) but still when I try to go to my DVR I get the same pop-up asking my to install an activeX plug-in which of course doesn't work. Is there another step I need to complete maybe from within IE?
  10. do you know the website and/or number for Intellicam? It seems they renamed themselves GenIV Technology?!?!?! Also for installing the webrec.cab does it matter if IE is open or not or just go to windows explorer open the cab with winzip and click on the .inf file and go? Does the new firmware give any more flexibility with motion detection? That's my biggest complaint. Thanx
  11. Hey DaveM, Thanks so much for the information. I too have an intellicam (SV-XLA 8 channel I bought in early 2009) Although I think the SV stands for ShoreView security. I have never updated the firmware. I had never used the client software (Enterprise Professional Surveillance Software) but started due to not being able to get the web utility installed. The client software is pretty bad, terribly unfriendly and sometimes just gives me wierd errors written in the worst Engrish ever . I will try the procedure you've written and see what happens. How can I find out if a firmware update exists? How difficult is it to install and will it require me to re-setup the system again? Thanks for all the help Tony
  12. I just recieved a new computer from work. I go on a lot of business trips which is why I bought the DVR system in the first place. To access the DVR from the internet requires you to install an ActiveX program called webrec.cab, this happens the first time you access the DVR (i.e. the install is automatic). With my old computer I could change the internet security settings to allow the installation of this program. My new computer does not allow me to install this because of some publisher verification check. I can not change the internet security settings and can not access GPEDIT.MSC So my question is there any way around this? some other way to install this? Thanx Tony
  13. I bought my system from Mike at Shoreview. I was also paying a yearly subscription to use his FTP site for my DVR to upload motion detection video. Well Mike has apparently disappeared (hope he's OK, he was a pleasure to deal with) and his FTP site is non-responsive. Thus I am in need of a new site. Preferably one that was similar to Mike's. I was using CoreFTP Lite to access my site. Any suggestions? Probably only need ~2gb Thanx Tony
  14. Hello all, I recently decided to invest in a home surveillance system. In my searching online I found this forum and have found it very helpful - Thank you. Based on my searching and more importantly how helpful Mike is on this forum I decided to place an order with ShoreView Security. Mike was very patient and helpful when it came to choosing what to get. I ordered the following: 1. 8 channel XLA DVR 2. two indoor/outdoor dome cameras (SVCMD665H) 3. one outdoor camera (SVCMR603WHI) Everything came neatly packed and upon unpacking I realized I had some important decisions to make. Where to mount the cameras? Where to put the DVR? I made some decisions and decided I would just try it out and therefore not make anything too permanent. Running the wires takes time to do it right so i didn't want to invest a lot of time for something I wasn't sure of. I've had the system installed since the end of January and my install is still "temporary" With everything physically located and the wires connected I was ready for the actual setup of the system. Now I'm not computer illiterate but networking is not something I have a lot of experience with. This is where ordering from a vendor who provides technical support is so valuable. The instruction manual that comes with the DVR is so-so but it really didn't matter because Mike's website has all the information that's needed through various videos and pdf's. There were still some things I couldn't figure out so luckily Mike is very responsive to email/phone. There's a bunch of settings on the DVR that were just set it and forget it but there are other areas that I became very familiar with because they require a number of iterations (like the motion detection windowing). Once I got the DVR going with an initial setup I wanted to be able to remotely view my cameras. This requires two things: 1. port forwarding (in the router) 2. dynamic DNS so you don't have to deal with IP numbers The port forwarding was somewhat router specific and required some trial and error. PortForward.com was a good resource, I needed to forward an HTTP port and a TCP port (80 and 37777 default). Dynamic DNS is a free service through a number of places. Mike's website had everything I needed to know for using NO-IP.org so that's the way I went. Unfortunately I discovered that my work only allows traffic on port 80 so I am unable to access my DVR from work (Mike and I spent hours trying to figure this out). As a work around I setup the DVR to FTP motion detection video on some channels and scheduled 10s clips on others. I then use one of the free web based FTP programs (google it) to access my files. This works because the web based FTP sites transfer all data through port 80. Mike's website has the information you need to setup FTP. Overall impressions: This is my first home surveillance setup so I don't have anything to compare to. That being said I have to say I'm happy with the system. Pro's: 1. The picture quality is great during the daylight and still good enough at night to see what's going on. 2. The software does everything you need it to and is still simple enough to understand and figure out. 3. The remote access interface is great 4. I'm really quite impressed with everything the DVR can do. I've had it since the end of January and I'm still finding new features. 5. Mike is extremely helpful!! Con's: 1. The software can sometimes be a little quirky so when i make a change i always double check it to make sure it took. 2. Sometimes the IR LED's seem to be on when they shouldn't be as there is plenty of daylight. This can make colors look a little off. 3. The motion detection can't tell the difference between motion from snow/rain and motion from people. If you turn on the motion detection during a snow storm you will quickly fill your hard drive/FTP site. 4. The DVR has a fan on it that runs all the time and is kind of loud I will continue to play around with the DVR and let you guys know what I find. I think my next plan is to setup a home computer/server that I can remote desktop to from work so I can fully access the DVR all through port 80. Hope this is helpful to someone, let me know if you guys have any questions. Take care
  15. I'm still getting the message about being a spammer... what else do i need to do?