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  1. Is anyone familiar with Arivo LPR Software? This YouTube video suggests it is compatible with Avigilon. Best, Christopher
  2. ak357 did many of the Avigilon installs in our neighborhood using TeamViewer. Excellent service. I recommend him to all my neighbors who want to do a partial-DIY. Best, Christopher
  3. You can install the client on an unlimited number of computers. Any limits are simultaneous connections, and cell phones are not clients. FWIW, ten homes in my neighborhood have Avigilon. I use the client to monitor all ten servers and dozens of cameras at once. One word of caution. If you don't plan to go with Avigilon, then don't try the demo. The Avigilon video server is exceptionally fast, and if you try the demo, then you will be disappointed when you install something else. Best, Christopher
  4. Note that the problem is on the client, not the server.
  5. Today, with the help of Avigilon technical support, I discovered why my client computer was having performance issues. One of the folders in the path C:/ProgramData/Avigilon/Client/Nodes/Nodes did not have the Modify property set. As a result, 1,700,000 .tmp files (yes, 1.7 million files) were created in one folder and were never deleted. As you may be aware, that many files in a folder causes major performance problems for Windows. It took me a couple of hours just to delete all of them. Now, performance has improved considerably, and the Avigilon client is more stable. I wanted to document this issue in the event that someone else encounters this problem. Best, Christopher
  6. I have an alarm on my mailbox. I use a Honeywell Ademco wireless door/window magnetic reed relay alarm and it works great with one exception. After two to three years, I have to replace it, apparently due to the nightly condensation. There are several sprays on the market that are designed to protect electronics from moisture. Does anyone have experience with these sprays? Can you recommend a brand?
  7. Another approach is an anti-theft fog system.
  8. The Avigilon Client creates a partially encrypted file for each connection in the sub-directory ./Nodes. The IP address of one of the connections changed, so I would remove the old connection and then add the new connection. Apparently, the Client did not delete the old file, so both files were in the ./Nodes sub-directory. Each time the Client was restarted, it would pull up the old connection first. Since the files are only partially encrypted, we could see the IP address of each connection file. We deleted the old file, and then it worked on the next restart of the Client.
  9. I monitor seven Avigilon servers using the Avigilon client. The IP address of one of the sites has changed. Each time I restart the client, the settings for that site have reverted to the old IP address. I have to re-enter the new IP address using Client Settings->Site Networking. How do I make the new IP address permanent? Best, Christopher
  10. Below is a comparison of the Hikvision 4MP and 3MP on YouTube for daylight high dynamic range situations. Has someone posted a comparison of night performance? Au5RbJZm3EA
  11. cglaeser

    Free cameras to good home

    The cameras are spoken for.
  12. cglaeser

    Free cameras to good home

    I upgraded my cameras and need to get rid of these. They are free to a good home. I'll even pay the shipping, but you must reside in the US. All three cameras work fine except the ring-of-fire power supply on the Messoa LPR may need replacing. Pick one or take all three. Panasonic NP502 1.3 MP Axis 223M 1.3MP in outdoor enclosure Messoa LPR 515Pro LPR Best, Christopher
  13. cglaeser

    ONVIF and motion

    Motion detection may not be anything special in Onvif profiles, but I wish Messoa would implement it in their new 2 MP IP LPR cameras.