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  1. kamp

    Need help HD-SDI

    can some one help i need to build 8-16 ch HD-SDI system .i have some 700tvl camera that i need to add.also some camera over 250 ft long . I see there is 7fps dvr and some 25fps dvr record witch is good need any suggestion for me .what the difference real time record and 7fps. also i need to know about digital zoom on HD-SDI camera.
  2. looking for Avermedia NVD4VIEXT for NV5000 DVR card
  3. kamp


    Here is tv out quality taken by phone
  4. I have NV5000 DVR card i having quality problem . why my TV out quality better then monitor i have on board video card and i have 520tvl and 600tvl camera.so plz i need help this is main monitor image. this is 600 tvl camera
  5. do u still have .i need one
  6. dear sir i have anykeeper 16ch dvr card,how to setup hdd recycle ,i did partition on my hdd about 150 gb.last time i set recycle but after hdd full.it`s not overwrite.it`s show me hhd full.on 150gb of hdd how many days of rec can hold .plz help
  7. i made pc base dvr ,i use anykeeper cad form ebay.now i have problem.win xp stuck at veriflying data pool.i reinstall window about 3-4 time [i did clean hdd and format]but it work about 3 days than same problem win xp pro stuck at veriflying pool data.plz help. it`s 16ch120ftb
  8. yes sir it`s stuck at veriflying data pool..............
  9. i have a coustam made coputer i install anykeeper dvr 16 ch card .work on xp pro sp1 with partition hdd .it`s work about 4 days after computer stuck it not booting.plz help