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  1. In case anyone is interested, found one that meets all my needs. https://code.google.com/p/open-access-control/ http://www.accxproducts.com/content/ Still interested in hearing what else is available.
  2. Hi, Can anyone recommend a networked controller that will control about 4 doors? I already have a bunch of Wiegand (Essex) Keypads. So I like the unit to work with these. I would also like to be able to control and change access codes remotely. Web interfaced preferred. Would be nice to setup schedules for codes too. Only need about 5 to 10 codes it needs to maintain tops. Not looking to spend a fortune on this. I have a webcast/cassi russo/ge already, just looking for something a bit more modern. $200 to $300? reasonable? Thanks!
  3. Is there such a tool for doing IP Cam installs? Basically a screen with Ethernet and PoE so you can plug into the camera and focus and adjust without having to plug in network some were or have the wiring in place already? Just curious. Seems like a good product to build if one does not exist. Or at least a dongle that will have PoE / Ethernet that will DHCP to the cam to view on a small laptop.
  4. Anybody have an extra sled for a Pelco EH3512? Or know where I can pick one up? Thanks!
  5. ver2go

    Cannot open and view .DVR fies.

    You might be missing the codec to view the file. I suggest trying VLC to see if it plays it first. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ To convert you can use Handbrake http://handbrake.fr/ To Figure out what codec was used on the file use AVICodec: http://avicodec.duby.info/ All Free Software
  6. ver2go

    DNS Service Behind Linksys Router

    There are DDNS clients that will do that for you. DDCLIENT for linux can be configured to detect a WAN address locally. Read it from a Router's status page or use an external web page to detect the IP. I'm not sure if any DVR vendors have done this, but it might be possible to port to a linux based DVR if they provide shell access.
  7. You just need a video capture card for you PC. A dedicated card with Video Inputs or a USB stick would work.
  8. ver2go

    Mesh Networking: Intrusion, and Hacking

    Are you talking about MUNI type Mesh Networks? I'll PM you with details if so.
  9. ver2go

    Network Problems with a DVR

    It could be duplicate IPs on the network. Network routing issue. Double check netmask on both devices, IPs. Any chance that when you're testing on the PC/Laptop there is more than one NIC. Wired or wireless?
  10. ver2go

    Network Problems with a DVR

    Take a crossover cable to a pc and connect the other end to the DVR. Statically assign an address 192.168.1.X to the PC. Can you ping the DVR then? If not then the DVR either not configured for the right IP or the Ethernet is not working on it.
  11. What is it that you're seeing as the problem? Which device are you seeing this at? The DVRs or the Client Computers? 192.168.2.x = Client computer, 10 Cams, 1 DVR 192.168.3.x = 10 Cams, 1 DVR What are you using as a router? Where is it placed? Have you checked the stats on the Switch to see which port is showing collisions and dropped packers?
  12. ver2go

    Pigtail for PS/2 type cable?

    http://lorexstore.lorextechnology.com/product.aspx?id=2001 or make them yourself http://lorexstore.lorextechnology.com/uploads/Consumer_Guide_Camera_Connections.pdf
  13. I'm not sure what you're asking here. Fiber can carry huge amounts of bandwidth. So the simple answer would be 1 per building. If you find you need even more, there is always CWDM/DWDM to inscrease your bandwidth by using different wavelengths. Again, this only requires 1 (TX/RX) fiber pair. Of course good fiber planning is to always have spares and divergent routes.
  14. ver2go

    gigabit network question

    I'm a little concerned about this. Where will the cams and nvr in your topology? Will there be cams on one side of the bridge and the nvr on the other side? The bridge will more than likely be your bottle neck in this topology.
  15. ver2go

    gigabit network question

    Have you considered using power injectors for your POE devices instead? May be cheaper to get a 10/100 with PoE injectors for them than to waste a GiG port for them. Or maybe a 10/100 PoE switch with 2 GigE uplink ports? You can always add another nic to the server as you grow cameras and use 802.ad (link agg) to increase bandwidth. As for the PoE Gig switches, I believe they auto sense or is user configurable. The port can physically do Gig OR be configured for 10/100 with PoE.