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  1. vtphilk

    Indoor Doctor Office Camera - Low Profile

    Thanks for the tips! I'm going to discuss with the doctor to get a better idea on budget. I assume, if he is willing to drop ~$700/camera IP would be the way to go since then I only have to wire to a local network drop. However, no drop would need to be more then 40-50 feet homerun back to the central closet. Anyhow, thanks again. Anyone know a US supplier to IQEye? I have dealer accounts with IC-ealtime and US-ag but all the cameras I have gotten from them are much larger than this purpose. Thanks again.
  2. So I have a client who has a 50 person doctor office (6 doctors in the practice). So they have 3 main entry points to there 4500 sqft. They recently had a break in and looking to put some cameras on the entry points. Problem is, two of the entry points are waiting areas for patients. Obviously, they don't want to have some big camera in there that people see easily. So looking for a low profile dome or something that would be easily missed. 10ft ceiling, no outdoor natural light. Anyone have any recommendations? I don't want to have to go the 'hidden' route since it's not that important to not be seen just need a cameras that the lens thru the ceiling would only be smaller then the hand etc.. The have 9ft drop ceilings so I was thinking of recessing something in the drop ceiling on the entryways. Debating to go with just IP cameras or analog with a DVR. We have a few onsite servers so I could just run some recording sw to IP cameras but most IP cameras I have seen are fairly large. Thnx for the tips.
  3. vtphilk

    16 channel ICrealtime system for monitoring store

    Any update one your testing or ICRealtime stuff? I purchased a few ICRealtime items for testing and got a 4+8Channel DVR however I have not been impressed. I'm no cctv expert but I have had alot of trouble. I did only one install at a customer home and have been back to site about 6 times . I'll try to put together a list of my problems and progress but just wanted to see where you were at. I was impressed with the build quality of the EL-1000 however the PIXIM 430 I have just died (Outdoor wall mount). Not sure what the deal is but I went to site yesterday and it just dead. Power cycled the PSU and all. Other cameras on circuit working ok. Gonna go back with a ladder on Sunday to check it out closer.
  4. Sorry..I should have been clearer. It is a dome, vandalproof with NO IR leds however does have mechanical IR cut filter: http://www.icrealtime.com/solutions/cameras.asp?cameraid=EL430PIXIM Actually, the original install was suppose to be two of the USAG cameras (Color one with IR LEDs at the FirePit on right). However, had some 'problems' with one of the cameras and ended up needing something to fill the gap quick because I had a customer in 'rich jerk mode'.... I had that WDR in the truck and sold him on it thinking well maybe the WDR will help with reflection of sunlight on the pool when it is open. He (Customer) also liked the idea of the dome as it 'looked' neat ...haha Anyhow, it's a learning experience and thanks so much for the tips . One thing I can say is USAG has been very helpfull with tech support etc... and much more responsive then some 'other' companies I was/am dealing with.
  5. I think I might make one more trip back to the site to try and get the camera focus on the right one as it is a tad out of focus I think. Those stupid little thumb screws are a pain to focus also it did not have a monitor output on the front so it was tough getting it focused. I also will try testing turning off WDR and see if it helps with night on the camera on the left spot effect. There is no IR but there is normal spot lights back there. One thing nice about the ICR camera (Left) is it is settings controllable thru the PTZ wire. Now if I only knew which settings to tweak )) Thanks again.
  6. PS. Grabbed some snapshots from the cameras last night. Under moonlight the Pool camera is not visible at all. However, if the outdoor flood lights are turned on (Which are not directly on the areas) I get pretty good pictures: http://www.speedyconnex.com/cctvpics/cam-1-wfloods.bmp http://www.speedyconnex.com/cctvpics/cam-2-wfloods.bmp http://www.speedyconnex.com/cctvpics/cam1-2-sidebyside.bmp So I suggested the client get a motion detector on the flood lights and he agreed. (So another revenue source ) So I'll be looking for one of those X10 flood light/motion detectors lights which allows you to put the motion trigger in after install. I figure...IR or not...best thing I can do for a nighttime picture is give it legit real light I'm also surprised of the hot spot on the WDR B/W camera. I would have thought the WDR is suppose to block stuff like this out.
  7. Thanks all. I have tweaked the color settings on the pool camera and the customer is slightly happier now. Honestly, they are liking the USAG camera better but I think mainly because they see it with the color at night and IR. They are bummed that they are not able to zoom in to make out faces at the white shed on the usag but I tried to set there expectations better without spending $1000 per camera for megapixel stuff. I do have to say I'm fairly disappointed with the ICRealtime DVR. I got the 4 channel for this job and a 8 channel for another and considering trying to send at least the 8 channel back. The feature set is very bad. Yes it supports H.264. Yes it claims to not do software compression (Which mind you it is very responsive unit). But in my opinion it does not matter how fast things work when features like snapshot and send email notifications are totally not there. For a $1000+ dvr it's very lacking.. But I'm a newbie to the cctv so what do I know Thanks again for the advice/input.
  8. I hate to tell but on given sq foot coverage u expect miracle in mean time u should read posts in this forum about resolution, pixels density and so on or do search "Rory and resolution ,D1,Pixels " Right Rory ? Mega pix Cam your is friend Well..DVR was D1. I was thinking about megapixel IP camera since I have IP drop and analog drops for wire at the locations of the cameras. I went with the analog cameras just cause most people said DVRs for analog a little better. Also wanted to keep per camera cost under $500/each (To customer). Anyhow, if this is the best I can do for the cost then I guess that is fine just trying to get my expectations right. Thanks again!
  9. DVR is setup for H.264 D1 (CIF4) 7 FPS, VBR 768bps. Does that sound like what it should look like or you think the DVR is killing the image. I connected the camera on the left directly to the monitor and it looked very similar. I think the bigger problem is I had to zoom the camera all the way out to be able to be wide enough to cover the entire pool. I mean, it's a pretty good camera just think it's zoomed out a bit too much maybe. My only complaint is even during daylight I could not make out faces too well which kinda has my customer complaining as he was hoping to be able to get a good look of the white shed on the right camera in case he gets someone breaking in there since there is some 'valuable' stuff in there. Anyhow..just wanted to get some expert reviews of the pics. THanks so much for any further input anyhow might have.
  10. PS>.the ICRealtime pic was at dusk when still a good amount of light. once I hit moonlight only it was total black. I will try and get another snapshot tonight as I am going to login to the dvr remotely and grab a snapshot.
  11. Welp..I could not get post to let me upload attachments...so here they are on my website: http://www.speedyconnex.com/cctvpics/
  12. vtphilk

    Help! Can't post pictures

    I'm confused as well...I get the same thing trying to upload a 25kb picture with both IE and firefox??
  13. I just did a new setup with a few new cameras I have not tried before. I'm fairly new to the CCTV industry so be gentle . Anyhow, I did a customer install at a home and used two different cameras (Because one of the cameras seems to have fried quickly, no comment ). But anyhow, Here is the setup: ICRealtime DVR MAX4 (H.264e) 4 channel dvr. One USAG AVC2-2-550DN (With IR) One ICRealtime Vandal Dome EL430PIXIM (NO IR) I have two other cameras for the install but need to finish cabling to the two locations. I got the DVR up and running and I like the ICRealtime DVR with the execption of a few things: 1) THe remote sucks...need to call them on that tomm. No instructions and I was trying to link it into the RF remote system we have installed so they could switch cameras remoted. It worked once or twice however now the remote one control the dvr at all . 2) No snapshot feature. THis sucks since it is IP capable why not have a snapshot feature so that automation sources etc.. (HAI and IPhone) could connect to it to get a updated snapshot every 3 seconds. Most e-cheapo DVRs have this but I was surprised to not find that on this fairly pricy DVR. Anyhow, my point on this post was to get some feedback on the picture quality of these cameras. Suprisingly the USAG camera has a VERY good nice picture with the IRs however the ICRealtime 430 PIXIM is very disappointing. I was expecting a bit more for double the cost of the usag. THere is a decent amount of moonlight in the snapshots taken and this is what I get. see attached pictures. I'm concerned about the redness in the pool camera picture from the ICRealtime camera. I like the features on the ICRealtime with the installer camera port for pointing, onscreen display control of camera features etc...but those are nice but reality is the camera needs to perform more than it's features
  14. vtphilk

    ICR100x or full size ptz?

    Anyone have any reviews on the ICR100X? I'm debating between that and the USAG PTZ-ESCORT cameras for a residential outdoor install.
  15. vtphilk

    Need Reviews for Intellicam JS-16XLA

    I was told today by two sales reps who claimed Intellicam is having trouble. Not trying to spread unsubstantiated rumors so not going to say all they told me but I found the ICRealtime DVRs run basically the same software as the Intellicam. So I picked up one of the MAX to try them out.