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  1. shentim

    Buy the Original Geovision Card

    Hi Rory, Since GeoVision is phasing out the older versions of the DVR cards to pave way for the A type cards, they have stopped manufacturing the older boards. I can tell you that the older PCI and PCI-E versions of the DVR cards (non-A type) are becoming much rarer each day and the only stock we have left is what we have in our warehouse (many of which are out of stock already). I'm not sure what the situation is like for other branches outside of the US.
  2. shentim

    Buy the Original Geovision Card

    I think you guys are equating "fake" to a card that is simply purchased from an un-authorized distribution channel. Counterfeit cards are missing many components on the board itself and also lack the barcode (white sticker starting with five zeros) - if your "fake" card has that barcode, we could easily track where it was originally purchased from and shipped to. Purchasing through an un-authorized distribution channel voids the warranty to the end user through the manufacturer's side, so the end user needs to have faith that where he purchases the card from will be able to honor whatever warranty their distribution channel claims to provide. The card could still be authentic and work perfectly fine.
  3. Hi, You can find the compatible list at: http://www.geovision.com.tw/upload/en/Datasheet_NVRV83.pdf They are listed on page 5 of the pdf.
  4. shentim

    Geovision a few years back

    Thanks for the heads up Soundy - I've uploaded pictures of the USAVision branch office (US branch of GeoVision), pictures from our ISC West 2009 in Las Vegas, and pictures from our 2007 Road Show which had stops in Chicago, Miami, Montreal, NYC, Ontario, Toronto and DC. If anyone would like to host them, please feel free to. The pics.rar file is a zipped folder of all of the images. login: MarketingMaterial password: 1234 Please note that the login information is case sensitive. Side note: I'm 5th from the left in the ISC West 09 Picture.
  5. shentim

    Buy the Original Geovision Card

    Hi JoinDVR, I'm sure any industry that suffers from counterfeit products (fake name brand bags, pirated DVDs, knock-off clothing, etc) would love to shut down the production plants making those products - it simply is not an easy task. USAVisionSys, the US branch of GeoVision which I work at, handles the sales in the US. If you would like to learn more about how our legal department handles anti-piracy, please contact our headquarters in Taiwan at sales@geovision.com.tw. They file cease and desist letters and have successfully pursued legal action many times. Hope this helps!
  6. shentim

    Buy the Original Geovision Card

    Hi, It sounds pretty absurd for us to manufacture a counterfeit version of our own product for any of the above listed reasons when that time could be spent going after leads. That being said, the packaging done at our warehouse is always done by the latter of the two packages' images. The cards that go through our RMA process are either placed back in the same packaging that they were sent back to us in OR placed in to our original packaging before being shipped back out. Please let me know if you have any additional questions about our warehouse's procedures - thanks!
  7. shentim

    Geovision a few years back

    Hi, I'm not familiar with how to embed photos here but I can definitely provide you with pictures of our US branch's company (Irvine, CA) as well as pictures from our booth and staff at ASIS 2009 and ISC West 2009 if you would like.
  8. Please contact our technical support department's live chat at www.usavisionsys.com between 9AM-5PM PST Mon-Fri. They can definitely assist you with your issue.
  9. shentim

    Will the GV webcam display on a Mac?

    Hi, You can find the webcam setup guide for remote viewing from a Mac here: http://www.usavisionsys.com/support/faq.php?category=12
  10. shentim

    control center 8.2

    Hi Jerome, Please contact our technical support department's live chat support at www.usavisionsys.com (link on left side) for an upgrade for v8.3 to support the 32 channel viewing capability. They are available between 9:00AM - 5:30PM PST.
  11. shentim

    Few query !!!

    Hi Saurabh, We have a few different kinds of software within our CMS category. The CenterV2 software is a basic one which links multiple DVRs together to allow you to view the cameras from them on to one screen and also review archived video from them. Control Center is the upgraded version which allows you complete remote control over the DVR so if you need to adjust settings, take a file off of the PC, etc., you have the option to do so. Control Center allows for an unlimited number of connections. You can definitely learn more at our website on CMS - http://www.geovision.com.tw/english/3_1.asp?stable1=Pro&sfiled=pgid&pno=34
  12. shentim

    Few query !!!

    Hi, You could try using the digital matrix software and add additional monitors to view more cameras if your video card allows for it - the software is included in v8.3+. I believe your best bet would be to link the DVRs together through the CMS software if you want them to all show up on one screen.
  13. shentim

    Few query !!!

    Hi, Please make sure to meet the minimum system specs when building a PC with 2 GV DVR cards in it as specified in the data sheets located on our website: www.geovision.com.tw You can learn more about our Central Monitoring Software at: http://www.geovision.com.tw/english/3_1.asp?stable1=Pro&sfiled=pgid&pno=34 It gives you the ability to link multiple DVRs together and can display up to 64 cameras on a screen at once (96 with widescreen). I would recommend for you to contact your authorized GeoVision distributor for pricing information, but feel free to contact me if you would like assistance locating one. Thanks!
  14. shentim

    upgrade to 8.3

    Hi, Does it all say video lost? Your best bet would be to contact our technical support department's live chat at www.usavisionsys.com where our technician can assist you with bringing your cameras back up.
  15. shentim

    Question about Storage Log?

    Hi, You can set your different cameras to record to different hard drives if you would like - you simply need to place the check marks next to the cameras when designating which drive to store to in the software. Please contact our live chat support at www.usavisionsys.com for more detailed instructions - thanks!