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  1. I use Smart PSS Surveillance Pro to remotely view a Swann system and 2 Amcrest CCTV systems. SmartPSS works great on my desktop. I have installed the QC View, Amcrest and standard Smart PSS versions on my dad's laptop so he can view the systems. Setup is easy and everything works great - for a day or so! Then, the program will load fine, but the program no longer lists any devices. It's like they disappear from the device (configuration) area. I have reinstalled the programs individually several times and eventually, in a day or two, the same thing happens. Any ideas? Any suggested free alternatives that can be used to simply view these home systems (not controls needed, just view).
  2. For the past several years I have used a Q-See QC804 with 4 720p cameras to keep an eye on my house. Overall, I have been very pleased. One BIG problem in the Pacific NW is rain. Recently I noticed a Night Owl system that uses heat and IR to record motion. What recommendation would you have for a replacement CCTV/NVR system for my situation?
  3. shaywood

    Q-SEE NVR QC804

    Can anyone recommend a 1080p camera upgrade that will work with this NVR? One of my 720p went out.
  4. I'm replacing a 720p IP Camera that went out. Can anyone recommend a comparable camera that is wide angle and will work with my POE Q-See NVR?
  5. I have found someone trying to break into my vehicle while reviewing motion events via Internet Explorer. The interface has an option to take a snapshot while viewing the motion event, but no way to download the clip. How do I do this? Shawn
  6. I was finally able to get it to work by messing with the compatibility view setting in IE 11 and adding URL to trusted sites. Easiest way is to just disable Enhanced Protected mode.
  7. You're right, it's been out a few months. In Chrome, I can view the video live via QuickTime plug-in, but can't do playback.
  8. Seemed to be able to figure things out. First, I had been accessing my NVR using a DDYN address instead of the actual IP address while at home. Used the actual IP address and it worked better. I still had problems with no PLAYBACK button showing up. I went into IE's Settings -> Compatibility View settings and added the IP address for the NVR. Next time I accessed the NVR it installed a playback script and works fine.
  9. Really like the new firmware update for QC804, which runs great under Windows 8. However, today I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and now I can't see the cameras. Anyone else? I even reloaded the operating system, upgraded to Windows 8.1 and accessed the NVR again. QuickTime installed under Chrome, but still no picture on Chrome or IE 11.
  10. If you have this NVR you might want to visit Q-See's website. There is a new firmware that provides a much improved interface and compatibility with Chrome.
  11. I just performed a fresh Windows 8 install on my PC. I downloaded a current version of PSS from the Dahua site and installed it. When I open the program I get a message stating there is no disk in the drive. I can continue past the error message. Any idea how I can fix this. I ran the install program as Administrator. Shawn
  12. shaywood

    Q-See DVR / NVR QC804 QC444

    Anyone else with a QC804 running into this problem.
  13. Any way to do this using PSS software?
  14. I'm running Internet Explorer 9 and 10 on different PC's. I use two DVR's a QC444 and QC804. When I log-in to the Web Service and click on the "search" button, I get a pop asking if it's ok to leave the page. I always say yes. The box disappears, but I can't get the search pop-up screen. All other features appear to work correctly. Any ideas?