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  1. has anyone run into this company or their product? i was just at their website and am interested to see what makes this system work - i havent seen any facial recognition dvr or standalone system that has worked well - anyone have any insight or experience? here is their website: www.3vr.com is anyone pursuing or have used any analytics package?
  2. First person I know that has used MxServer to integrate non mobotix into mxcc, nice work. But, why cant they push out an encoder like Avigilon, they would instead like to waste time working on the door station that seems to never get released
  3. how far is the distance from the building that you want to mount the camera and the construction site and how large of an area do you need to cover -- i'd think the 135lens is going to be to tight
  4. griffonsystems

    IP license plate camera

    m12 135mm lens with lpf is the way to go - daytime any mp camera can grab lens but at night is the real challenge, we have done several installs with this camera and have beaten every other vendor
  5. the mobotix cameras will manage the file deletion based on the size or days you do not have to write a script -- we also use qnap 459 pro and mobotix cameras for our installs
  6. griffonsystems

    10 New MOBOTIX M12 IN/OUT Day/Nite w/ 22mm Lens for Sale

    why would you buy over 10k worth of cameras before you closed the deal?
  7. I wish what I was told a year ago was true that the m14 would be out by 2011 -- looking more like 2012 but i am optimistic that we will see it before year end -- we need a wow factor from mobotix this year as my eye is starting to stray
  8. griffonsystems

    Mobotix issues

    i would setup a new user on the nas with a new share and see if you are seeing the same issue -- i have seen something like this before but you should be seeing yellow error messages on the live screen or in the system logs --updated your nas firmware and make sure there are not limits set on the share to do the dmp report that you can send to mobotix support do the following camera ip/admin/report.dmp
  9. griffonsystems

    Mobotix issues

    goto admin and storage on external file server and tell me if the data is limited at all - by days, or sequences or size -- you might have to hit the more button to see the section under the storage on external file server area
  10. griffonsystems

    Pelco Spectra III Without BackBox

    you just dont want to buy a backbox? it'll be more hassle than actually getting one - you could probably pick one up cheap on ebay
  11. griffonsystems

    pano wvcu161c controller

    looking to get rid of a pano controller that my client didn't need for an install, never used new in box send me a pm is interested
  12. find a local dealer and get a demo of both the cameras if possible, if the lighting is poor you will probably have to add separate IR illuminators to "light up" the area at night.. id also suggestion Mobotix M12 d/n camera good luck pg
  13. griffonsystems

    1500' Cat5 video loss

    i assume he is using passive baluns on each side if this is a analog camera with coax going out to the camera and dvr -- you will have to move to active baluns to boost the signal on a run this long
  14. yes you can export as avi currently the next firmware release is talking about h.264 as well so stay tuned on that you can use the usb for storage but you can also just setup a share on your network and have the camera store its data direct to it what kind of blog? good luck
  15. multimode 62.5micron is typically the standard -- talk with the switch mfg but you'll want the fiber to have sc connections and you will need gbic on each side that will take the sc connector and attach to the switch -- you can buy pre-terminated fiber in any distance so to the point it's to expensive or complex isnt true -- call your local distr and they can connect you with someone that will build the 500ft piece of fiber you'll need, then you just pull it connect both sides to each switch and your good good luck
  16. griffonsystems

    people counting software/system

    does anyone have a good system that performs this task.. i have seen a few uk based companies and i think geovision has this integrated into their dvr but wanted to see if anyone has used anything good thx pg
  17. M14 due out December -- I'd say shipping in January 11 lets hope mxcc 3.0 is also out the same time I also so a shot of the new camio where it had a 3g modem built in and a 4 port poe switch to power 4 cameras -- could be nice - don't know when release for this is
  18. Any advice on the following application: 5 light poles with power will have 5 megapixel ip cameras(mobotix m12s) mounted on them with a box that contains a wireless ap so that the client can drive their car to any of the poles and download any of the video onto their laptops by accessing the wireless network -- poles are all in one line about 100-200ft apart all with los
  19. buell, you can use the extio - it has the outside temp sensor and you can link it to the camera and use it as the temp on screen as far as the -5c -- its more of a guess at the difference - will probably change in the winter -- I have never seen a camera at a temp above 105 with or without the -5c so I wouldn't fear putting it outside in AZ -- it gets pretty hot here in Chicago too during the summer
  20. yep a m12 and there is a variable you can add to the text section I think its ~Tn and it will display the temp in F. Its the internal temp of the camera so you have to offset the temp by about -5C which gets it close to outside temp in F
  21. hey someone stole the back of that maroon car
  22. i love avigilon but that shot looked a little out of focus, am i wrong?
  23. post snapshots of the sanyo day and night, i'd like to see how it is better than mobotix m12 when its only using a 1/4" ccd chip
  24. griffonsystems

    360 Deg coverage using Mobotix M12

    m12 is a good option - i like the 45 degree lens over the 90 if you are trying to grab detail a bit of a distance from the camera but if everything is pretty close you could go with 90s -- id go with 4 for total coverage
  25. Contact a local Mobotix reseller and have them give you a m24 to demo for a week so you can see if just the color/day lens will give you the image at night you require. I like the m24 over the d24(dome) because it has mic/speaker - the d24 doesn't. The only dome that has mic/speaker is the d12 and it will need the wall-mount and wont look good on a house (its a bit big and ugly in my opinion) also the m24 has the updated processor so higher frame rate at all resolutions.