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  1. keeps

    Interference problems with Swann camera

    £24 !! Can't expect too much really. The image will certainly deteriorate as the light level drops with this spec camera.
  2. At 25' you could use a high res trail camera and record on board rather than trying to send a wireless signal to a recorder elsewhere.
  3. keeps

    avtech dvr remote viewing

    Pay someone to come in and do it for you is my advice. Always problematic trying to solve networking issues remotely without access to the hardware......
  4. Personally I'd buy a 4CH dedicated DVR rather than another card.....
  5. keeps

    Help needed.

    I would look at the power supply perhaps - 2 amps to run the DVR and 4 infrared cameras may be the issue... Any change if you disconnect 3 of the cameras leaving only the DVR and 1 camera drawing power? If the cameras draw a max of 350mA when in infrared mode then that would take 1.4amps, leaving only 600mA for the DVR.... Has your ebay seller been of any help? Have you phoned them?
  6. keeps

    Discrete camera options

    Yep, that's a bit steep! I've sent you a PM, maybe I can help.
  7. keeps

    Discrete camera options

    Hello Paul What sort of prices have you been quoted on the security floodlight cameras?
  8. keeps

    Covert/pinhole cameras - outdoor?

    Hello Dave What sort of lighting conditions do you need the camera to operate in? What sort of subject area (size-wise) are you looking to cover? Happy to run a cable back to your recording device?
  9. If you are looking for a professional CCTV system for your restaurant I'd avoid wireless too, too many potential problems....
  10. keeps

    Outdoor surveillance - help neded

    It shouldn't be too difficult Tom, I'll PM you some info.
  11. keeps

    Outdoor surveillance - help neded

    Would really depend upon the resolution quality of the model you chose to go for. Obviously, whether you get a good "face on" image of the culprit too, especially at night time when your footage would be black and white.
  12. keeps

    Swann ADW300 Wireless Camera and Receiver

    How far are you looking to transmit Chris? And what sort of obstructions will the signal need to break? Wireless is always variable and you never really know what you will get until you have the kit on site unfortunately..
  13. keeps

    Outdoor surveillance - help neded

    Hello Michael Have you thought about using perhaps a trail camera, this wouldn't alert you that something is going on live but will record footage when movement is detected for you to playback and review later. The downside of a trail camera is that if you can fix it somewhere nearby to the action area then the vandals could potentially get to it and wreck it or steal it completely. This would be a relatively low cost option though...
  14. Hello Adam I think you may have to do a fair bit of configuration work to your vehicle if you don't want it to look like it's just got 4 cameras stuck to it and therefore maybe end up drawing vandals to it. I'm not sure but maybe with that hummer in the youtube video it may be that it has covert cameras built into the wing mirrors and all pre cabled into an in car recorder and connected up to power during manufacture perhaps.... A retro fit may be very expensive to have done properly and a DIY job could end up wrecking your car! I'd probably stick to a couple of cameras inside the vehicle looking through the windows. A portable system that your mum can just switch on when she parks up at work could be the way to go.
  15. I don't have experience with the cameras you are looking at, but from the spec I would imagine both will be fine for your home CCTV system. So if you prefer the apperance of a dome, go with the dome camera.