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  1. bscottdss

    Hebrew 8.33

    Anyone know where I can get a Hebrew 8.33?
  2. bscottdss

    GV-800-4cam, GV-800-8CAM

    You are correct, it is 120fps divided by the number of channels you are using. The GV-800's are not stackable, you could get 2 GV-2004's and stack them I have some brand new at a good price if you are interested.
  3. bscottdss

    gv-250 troubles with 8.2

    GV-250 was discontinued years ago, it should not work with 8.2 properly. I bought one before from Esentia Systems.
  4. bscottdss

    can anyone get Nuvico?

    Esentia Systems sells them , you have to call for pricing, they don't post it on the site.