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GV-800-4cam, GV-800-8CAM

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hi there


I'm installing an 8 cam system (may need 16 in future) and am looking at the GV-800. It's advertised at 120fps.


Am I right in thinking that the GV-800-4cam system provides 30fps max per channel, the GV-800-8cam 15fps per channel etc? The 8 cam card is approx. double the cost of the 4 cam card, so I'd be a bit surprised if it were the case. But if it is the case, I suppose I'm better off buying 2 x 4 cam cards and getting 30fps all round. The 16 channel card is only slighly more expensive than the 8 ch card, which made me think in the first place about the frame rate slowing down. Any feedback appreciated.


Also is it worth going for the gv-2008 if the pc is quite well specced with no other apps running apart from the GV card?




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Hi there, if your just looking at the frames per second rate then 15 fps is more than adequate for any normal system, I wouldnt go daft on 15fps unless you have enormous hard drive capacity!

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You are correct, it is 120fps divided by the number of channels you are using. The GV-800's are not stackable, you could get 2 GV-2004's and stack them I have some brand new at a good price if you are interested.

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