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  1. securitysupplies

    Long range RFID product

    UHF from 860 - 960 MHz. also depends on country.
  2. securitysupplies

    Long range RFID product

    what application are you doing? it seems RFID may not be the tech of your distance required.
  3. long range probably at 13.56MHz up to 900 MHz calling UHF, LF 125KHz unable to reach long 1 metre probably the longest I seen for this range. what do you want to achieve, see if you can help. Dennis ASIS Member
  4. securitysupplies

    Employee In and Out

    you can use a access controller with various kinds of reading card devices ( incl. swipe card or push button ) to keep in and out record. the access controller connecting to PC via TCP/IP, should within $200, you can build it.
  5. securitysupplies

    mini plugs

    do u want it in longer term? we have abundant supply of different connectors, can decide a specific solution for you. rgds, dove
  6. securitysupplies

    WTB Ptz controller

    what ptz protocol do you need? pelco? alternatively, what kind of control are supported by your cam & fixed zoom on hand? Rgds, Dove
  7. securitysupplies

    CCTV Monitor Question

    What??? and if the LCD and CRT in comparison are of the same size and resolution? rgds, dove
  8. securitysupplies

    help with cctv recorder

    start with simple thing, use 1 camera, short cable just next to the DVR, test all 4 ch if working, then eliminiate possible causes step by step. Dove
  9. securitysupplies

    CCTV Monitor Question

    sorry for my doubtfulness of a secret agenda, did the customer also ask for something else? Dove
  10. securitysupplies

    WANTED - 6mm lens for kpc-ex230hl

    we have full range 3rd party lens for CCTV camera, will you be interested in 3rd lens instead of the same brand? if ok, please contact me for information. rgds, dove
  11. Yes, I think I use a wrong wording, PoE is PoE with its standard. My primary purpose is to make use of one Cat.5 cable for both signal and power so as to save cabling cost or even make use the existing network cabling.
  12. I am wondering if anyone of you tried to make of Cat5 cable with proper wiring to power up an IP camera (using 12V DC)? Because only 2 pairs of wires enough for data comm, is it possible to use another pair for 12V DC power. And at both ends. Is it really possible? any limitation or risk? or in the market there is such a small device for this special wiring? Thanks. Rgds, Dove
  13. securitysupplies

    Axis IP Solution for really cold weather

    Very good sharing, many thanks.
  14. hi, do you know if there is an outdoor Axis IP solution for really cold weather under the temperature of, say, -20 deg celsius? thanks for your sharing. rgds, dove
  15. I've got 3 pieces of 1/3" 480TVL SONY CCD Camera 4mm Auto Iris Lens, they're used but in good condition and I can offer warranty. Each at $19,99 only. Just want to have them clear. If you're interested, please PM me. Open for discussion. Rgds, Dove