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  1. The Geovision cards are very expen$ive so what is the best value for the money i only want to run up to 4 cameras on my home computer and record when i am out and of a night time, will the ones you find on e-bay do the trick for me or will i have to shell out a fortune ?
  2. If you have seen my last 2 threads i was having trouble with my cameras but now they have been replaced by new ones . i want to know what is a decent dvr card to get and do they differfrom one to the other ,as i think i have stuffed my last card,it want show motion from the cameras only a still shot. And should i be getting a shock (72volts) when i touch the receiver and the plug into either the dvr card or the AV jack into the tv ?
  3. Ok i got a multimeter but what are all the settings for, all i need to know is the basics so as i can work these things out .
  4. The person was "Joyce Tsui" at joycetsui@tactfulshop.com DELLOGS AUSTRALIA I think from Melbourne
  5. Ok i will get a volt meter on th way to work and try all you said and see if i got ripped of . Should i get any voltage out from the camera RCA plugs and antana ?
  6. I don't have a volt meter (maybe i need one ? ) Camera's plug strait into AV plug via cable suplied (TV on AV channel) Link to DVR card is http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=20589&item=3159495383 all else is in the right place
  7. Yes you are right about e-bay here is link to what cameras i got http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2986531926 And as for the the card the only thing i can find on it is ( UCC4 ver 2.0 ) hope this helps you to work out my prob,
  8. I have purchaced the folowing( DVR card , wireless IRcameras X2 model #ws-212as , )and can't seem to get them to work even if i bypass the receiver & computer and go directly into the TV on the AV channel any ideas or tricks i need to know or how goo is my set-up ?