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New _New Cameras,Need card?

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If you have seen my last 2 threads i was having trouble with my cameras but now they have been replaced by new ones .

i want to know what is a decent dvr card to get and do they differfrom one to the other ,as i think i have stuffed my last card,it want show motion from the cameras only a still shot.

And should i be getting a shock (72volts) when i touch the receiver and the plug into either the dvr card or the AV jack into the tv ?

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The Geovision cards are very expen$ive so what is the best value for the money i only want to run up to 4 cameras on my home computer and record when i am out and of a night time, will the ones you find on e-bay do the trick for me or will i have to shell out a fortune ?

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