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  1. I think you don't need any additional fee for realizing remote access. And should be no licensing fee, either. The system should come with the function of remote access, and you only need to setup the IP address...or something else.
  2. katie1985

    Recommend me a DVR and cameras

    We are not deliberately to introduce the products. But when somebody want to get some recommendations from this forum, why can not introduce one for them? If I ask for some recommendations, i would like somebody give me some direct advice. I don't know what are you guys thinking of... Recommendations are just recommendations, and if in need, you can offer... You help others solve their problems, and you give them some recommendations if asked...Anyway, the recommendations should related to the subject, and can help others deal with their problems, that's OK. That's enough.
  3. Hello TheLastBoyScout, It seems that the two DVRs you've already had both support remote access...Maybe you just don't know the way how setup the network. If for this, you can contact with the sellers, or just ask a technician to help you... Best regards!
  4. katie1985

    IE Live View

    Seems the problem of your network setup...Like port forwarding...IP address setup?
  5. katie1985


    Maybe you can try to contact with the seller, and they should have technicians who can help you setup your system,or do you have any manuals? And for the most easiest way, you can employ a local technician to help you setup the whole system, which can save you much time and energy...
  6. Hello, following are some results of VGA (15 Pin in 3 Rows) to 8CH BNC Breakout Cables, you can have a check, and see if it helps... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001P73TTQ/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&seller= http://www.thenerds.net/CABLES_TO_GO.Cables_To_Go_SonicWave_BNC_Component_Video_To_HD15_VGA_Breakout_Cable.40341.html?affid=1&srccode=cii_9324560&cpncode=19-28629620-2&affid=3 This is a VGA to BNC converter, you can also have a check... http://sewelldirect.com/BNC-to-VGA-CCTV-Adapter.asp?ad_source=GoogleAdWords&ad_medium=PPC&ad_term=vga%20to%20bnc&ad_campaign=29552133&ad_group=1018337673&ad_network=search&ad_creative=2593479423&gclid=CPqYyJWf8pwCFRf7egodYREPkA
  7. katie1985

    Best system for busy deli, 8 channel DVR

    You can give some details of where these cameras will be placed...I don't really think you need a PTZ, maybe your friend has some special needs...Those cameras with high resolution, or wide angle or vari-focal may OK for your friends... Anyway I am not sure. Good cameras with good DVRs can offer you amazing quality image...
  8. katie1985

    Camera not working at night

    BNC and RCA are video power connectors...
  9. katie1985

    DVR Question

    Hello, it seems that you don't have a very good camera... Eventhough H.264 is much advanced than Mpeg4, you can not get wonderful image quality with not so good cameras...
  10. katie1985

    CCTV Controllers

    Hello! You can realize controlling on PTZ cameras via RS485. You need RS485 to connect your PTZ cameras and DVR. If connected well, you can control the PTZ cameras to Pan or Tilt or Zoom through remote controller or directly on display interface...
  11. There are many specs for every system which makes people confused, and can not tell any difference between each other...Specs is important, but real object is more important. Anyway you can check those live demos.
  12. katie1985

    Clover Electronics USA Cameras

    Here is a link for the cable you wanted. http://www.cloverusa.com/shop/shop_goodsview.asp?Top=55&Steps=000550005800059&g_code=200810192425
  13. What you are looking to get is a video server. This video server has a single BNC connection for one CCTV camera and converts the analog signal to digital with an Ethernet output to your network. You have now effectively converted your CCTV security camera into a Network Camera! Here are two manufacturers that create these devices: http://www.axis.com/products/video/video_server/ http://www.4xem.com/products/videoservers/4X-VS7100/
  14. katie1985

    RG59u vs. RG59 cable

    You will probably not see much difference in short runs. RG6 is generally for in-wall (i.e. longer) runs. The RG59 may flex better in tight spaces, since it's a bit thinner.
  15. katie1985


    Hello, in most situations, 1/3" CCD is better than 1/4" CCD.