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  1. Hi to all, and thanks for reading this message I bought from a Chinese famous vendor an Ezviz CS-DP1 Smart Door Viewer Camera made by HIKVISION Works but does not work with the EZVIZ APP that must show the camera when someone push the bell or is near the camera/bell and record its video on the internal microSD but also send an alarm on a smartphone and video output through internet wherever we are. Problem are CHINESE servers on it maybe, I need to enter via TELNET or PUTTY and make some mods or hacks Its a very nice DOOR VIEWER MAYBE THE BEST ON THE MARKET BUT THIS CHINESE VERSION HAS THIS LACK THAT I NEED TO SOLVE in order to see video also on my EZVIZ APP ON MY SMARTPHONE. The door camera connects to my local router WiFi without problems but it seems it is locked and not visible by the app that tries to search on the local network. I think it is locked to Chinese servers. I Saw something here in this forum for hacking an EZVIZ Camera, and mybe we can do the same: And I found something usefull here: https://bkeesti.ee/upload/Hikvision/HowTo/x2 How to/How to.pdf EZVIZ1.1 How to find the challenge code of Ezviz CameraStep1: Log in the camera, the User Name is ‘admin’, the Password is ‘12345’ by default. NICE THINGS HERE 😎😎: https://bkeesti.ee/upload/Hikvision Who can help me? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks but doesn't work my DVR is http://proute14.tzo.net:8800 user: admin pass: 0000 bye
  3. Hi to all and thanks for reading my message. I have since 2years a 4Ch CCTV DVR and I use it inside my home network and one Bnc output connected directly to a monitor. I can reach without problems my DVR via Internet by DxClient NetViewer 2.7eng version (I didn't find any other software that works with it) Details are: Model: D2014GA Compressione Video: MPEG4 Sistema video: NTSC / PAL Sistema operativo: Linux Video Ingressi: BNC 4-channel inputs Uscite: BNC 1-channel output Audio Input Uscite RCA 1-channel input 1-channel output Display Frame Rate NTSC: 120 fps PAL: 100 fps Recording Frame Rate Max. 60 fps PAL: Max. 50 fps Display Resolution NTSC: 720 x 480 / PAL: 720 x 576 Record Resolution NTSC: 720 x 240 / PAL: 720 x 288 Now I wanted to make it work also on my mobile smartphone a windows mobile WM6.1 I tried these software I made a search since 2 years but nothing that works with it. IVI ViewCommander, TotalCommander, EagleEyes, Democam, dRemote_Client, Axis_Camera_Explorer and CamPlay but no one works I think cause output flux data of my DVR is MPEG4 and not MJPEG or JPEG So I need to find a software for my smartphone that can receive MPEG4 Data. MY CAM IS REACHABLE FROM: http://proute14.tzo.net:8800 user: admin pass: 0000 Thanks for any answer to me. Sullivan2002
  4. Hi to all and thanks for reading this my message. I have a DVR Sourvelliance device and I use generally Dxclient NetViewer on my PC Windows Xp. I would like to find a version for Mac OS X computer. Is it possible? and in alternative if is possible a version on PDA Windows Mobile WM 6.5 I found only PDA-NET for a mobile device that doesn't work for me. Thanks for any suggestion and help. Sullivan2002
  5. Hi to all and thanks for reading this my message. I bought some times ago a DVR D2014GA from inesun and I use DXCLIENT NETVIEWER in order to see images and videos from my home. I would like to find a such program dxclient netviewer for my pocket pc windows mobile HTC P3600. I found this on the net: PDA-Net_WM6.cab But doesn't work for my mobile device. Who knows the reason? Where I can find this program on the net? Thanks for any possible answer. Sullivan2002
  6. They send me only Dxclient and not PC Viewer D6. Can you help me saying where download this software? thanks in advance sullivan2002
  7. Hi to all and thanks for reading this my message. Last week I bought on ebay a DVR 4 Channel with remote view on internet. This item arrived to me with a DxClient software that doesn't work. I need to find or to download such a kind of software like this DxClient or PC Viewer to use it with my DVR equipment My equipment is a D2014GA Thanks in advance for a possible help to me Sullivan2002