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  1. I'm moving to exacq. Previous NUUO IP license for sale. Buy a 4 channels, get a 1 channel for free! 1 Used NUUO SCB-IP+ 04 ($250) 1 Demo NUUO SCB-IP+ 01 (free) Both are working fine, please PM me.
  2. sentrycctv

    for Sales - NUUO SCB-IP plus 04 + 01

    well, it's fine when the channels are like 4 or 8. But when it goes to more channels, it becomes unstable. I encountered several crash on the others. Can't afford more...
  3. sentrycctv

    for Sales - NUUO SCB-IP plus 04 + 01

    Let's say you have a 4 channels license. If you want to make it to 16 channels, just buy a 12 channels licenses the add it on 4 channels one. So you got 4 + 12 = 16.
  4. sentrycctv

    for Sales - NUUO SCB-IP plus 04 + 01

    the one you mentioned is "trial" version. mine is one channel only which I used for demo on my laptap. I still like NUUO software which is feature rich and the user interface is friendly. But I need the stable system which allows me to upgrade to more channels in the future.
  5. Hi NUUO Do you guys have any success installation with Zavio camera? I have one in hands and and was wondering has anyone use NUUO + Zavio to bid any project? I want to give it a try, but heard that there are many issues except pricing. Should I be awared of anything?