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  1. hI, Have you tried disconnecting the ethernet cable and connecting the camera and router via WPS?
  2. First - you said you are able to view the cameras on your pc and phone. Does that mean you are able to view them remotely? If yes, there is No Problem. However if you aren't able to view them remotely then you need to do ONE of two things 1. Forward "device port" - 8000 (by default) and "http port" - 80 (by default) to the IP address of the DVR OR 2. Activate HIKCONNECT in the DVR menu and connect through that.

    How To Factory Reset

    Have you tried connecting a VGA screen to the dvr and accessing its menu?

    Hikvision - the channel does not exist

    Have you tried doing a factory reset and starting from scratch?
  5. Need some help. I have come across a Samsung DVR HRD-E430LP. I don't know how to get the CMS software for the same. 1. Can anyone provide a link to the CMS software? 2. Does anyone know the default user ID and password for the DVR? 3. Does anyone know how to reset the DVR if the password is not known? 4. Is there a software for Mac OS to view the DVR? I shall be extremely grateful if anyone can help.
  6. The firmware is the latest
  7. I am referring to the cameras interface.
  8. When you go into the configuration, in storage there is an option to select the timing of post record. That should allow the camera to record for longer in case of an event
  9. You can look at Hikvision ip cameras. The software ivms 4200 is free and can be installed on a PC. You can get push notifications on your phone via the Hikvision mobile app ivms4500 (free).
  10. We have 3 no.'s Hikvision NVRs 7616 NI E1 installed. Each has 16 no.'s DS2CD 2110 Fi cameras attached. We have observed that one of the NVRs randomly freezes. The cameras are connected to a gigabit switch. The frame rate is 15 and the bit rate is 1280 kbps. The problem is not related to any one NVR. Any one of the three randomly freezes and had to be switched off and on. Has anyone else faced and solved this issue. The firmware version is V3.4.92 build 170228 and the encoding version is V5.0 build 330228

    Hikvision DVR does not boot up

    What is TFTP? How is it done? Where can I get the firmware from?
  12. We have a few Hikvision DVRs (7200 series) installed. Recently all of them have stopped booting up. Has anyone else faced this issue? Does anyone have a solution?
  13. There is not much to push and check. Any suggestions on where to start looking. Has no one faced such a problem!!!!
  14. Well we have checked the RS485 cable, switched the PTZ on and off many times. Removed the 9 pin cable and re-fixed it twice. What else can I do???? As for Mr. Shankarsha's comment, would you kindly elaborate.
  15. I recently dropped a PTZ camera from a height of 10 feet. It is a Hikvision outdoor analog PTZ. On installation it worked fine for a couple of days. However, now it only zooms occasionally. The panning works just fine. When the PTZ is switched on the lens zooms. However, after that the zoom works intermittently. Is there a connection that I can check on the module or something else that I can do?