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  1. CoolDude

    Google Sucks

    I used to be able to punch in a model number and come up with multiple CCTV dealers that sold the item I was looking for to buy. Recently my searches have produced Nextag, shop.dot.com and various other sites that take me to Ebay listings and other junk sites. What is going on with the searches as they no longer take me to sites that actually sell the items I am looking to buy. I could at one time recognize most of the first 20 listing as people I knew in the industry but no longer as they do not show at all. What is going on?
  2. I want to have my DVR alarm triggered in some applications by exterior motion detectors. When I check the specs for exterior motion sensors versus regular indoor sensors there does not appear to be much difference in spec or construction, i.e. waterproofing for the premium price they want for "exterior sensors" versus regular indoor sensors. I have tested regular indoor motions, outside for several weeks and so far they have held up and are regularly walk tested. As long as they are waterproofed at cable entry is there any reason not to use indoor motions?. I have beams also so this does not apply to exterior beams.
  3. CoolDude

    Hello Noob here... ole DSR2000E..

    The manual also says that 8111 cannot be changed so you have a real weird problem.
  4. CoolDude

    Hello Noob here... ole DSR2000E..

    To reset everything to default including being able to change passwords you should be able to use 8111. The manual is readily available on line.
  5. Is it safe and legal to run 120v AC and 12v Dc in the same conduit. I need to run 120ac power to the PSU and run one of the 12dc circuits back in the same conduit.
  6. Is it permisable to use one pair in a CAT5 for 24v AC and one pair for 12v DC?
  7. CoolDude

    Raymax ir illuminator (Where to BUY)

    Took me 5 secs on Google. The have contact emails and I'm sure they would tell you where you can buy or they will sell direct.
  8. CoolDude

    Automatic camera selector

    I have two 15W sirens attached to my DVR housing. They will only open it once and there is no way of silencing it unless they call me.
  9. CoolDude

    DVR with USB output

    The DVR I am testing has only a USB port for exporting video. Will a USB connected DVD recorder work instead of the USB memory stick?
  10. CoolDude

    Power Supply For DS2 Wanted

    Is it the external unit?
  11. CoolDude

    Hard Drive Capacity

    Any quick way of guestimating the hard drive capacity required to record 12 hours of medium activity motion at 7.5 FPS per camera x 16 cameras in order to have 6 months of data at a standard quality. My head exploded when I tried to even guess at it.
  12. Playing around with a cheap DVR, Comet 4C. One problem is it only records continuously as one file unless the recorder is stopped and restarted then it creates a new file. Any good way to do this automatically as I do not want to use motion in this application?
  13. CoolDude

    Bank/Financial System

    Looking for suggestions on the specs for cameras and DVR to capture the best images for a bank. Most cameras will have a fairly broad field of view with at least two cameras at a choke point to capture faces entering and exiting. Prefer stand alone with LAN network capability. Wireless or internet access is not an option for security reasons. Minimum 16 cameras with second DVR to 32.
  14. I know the "T" connectors have a dB loss but do the angled connectors have the same? I need to make some connections in a tight space and the straight BNC plugs will not work Thanks
  15. I need a lock box for my mobile DVR. Anyone know of a lock box that is about 19" w by 14" deep and max of 6-8" high. It also must have a top that flips open. I have Googled but can only find the Pelco style.