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  1. 27 minutes ago, Fata Morgana said:

    Was? Not yet, they still are, though if the Scottish First Minister gets her way then Scotland will indeed be past tense as a member of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.







    Listen I was only commenting on the view in your picture 

    your 40 mile from Scottish boarder so I was not far off. .....

    reason for asking your location is we have a customer doing the same thing ..... he has a ptz camera on his pub just out of Gretna green

  2. 1 hour ago, Fata Morgana said:

    You're in the wrong country / countries!


    6 minutes ago, Fata Morgana said:

    I was in the UK when the picture was taken and am still here am in the UK. The view is indeed in the UK.

    Oh ok I thought Scotland and Wales was United Kingdom. 

    it was only a friendly start to your post 😂


    no the url will be on your website directing back to your video on YouTube 

    you could use  ftp stream from your nvr to YouTube account

  3. 54 minutes ago, Fata Morgana said:

    You're in the wrong country / countries!

    You're looking SW from the property, if that helps.

    £1K? Would that be a reasonable budget?

    Don't know what a slow tour would be. Static view is anticipated, not roving.

    The website could host a separate page for the feed?



    Sorry thought you was in the uk. 

    £1000 budget is way more than what you need for your project. 
    you also need to take into account Squarespace don’t host video direct you will need to also need something like YouTube and use the url from there


    4k camera will do what you need 

    I would also use a nvr for easy setup of your camera and for downloading footage to upload on a page

  4. 2 hours ago, Paul Bradford said:

    Hi Andrey,

    To date, no one has advised me about equipment. This is the information that I am really looking for. I need to know exactly what I will require for the set up.



    Hi. A system that best meets your needs is called a IP system 

    8 channel NVR

    6 IP cameras

    2 IP cameras with audio

    1 reel of cat5 cable (comes in 300m)

    16 RJ45 plugs


    you don’t need any port supplies as the NVR supplies the power down the same cable

  5. Ok try some more tests. 

    we’re are you based ?

    just noticed two other things in your picture

    first you are showing remote login pictures. Do you have a monitor connected 

    plus it looks like your connected to cloud and your camera ID also shows Cam1@793593...

    which looks like XMeye server. 

    also in your picture you camera shows OSD (on screen display) and it’s showing POC 

    (power over coax) is this how your cameras are powered ..... coax and power cable to cameras or just coax

  6. Hi Paul 

    It is getting that way in the uk with livestock.


    what is your budget for this install. 
    mid this is your first install then go with a IP system plug and play and much better than hd analog With coax


    1 cat5 cable to each camera back to the recorder no power cable needed. 
    I would also make at least two of your cameras with audio... you can hear your horses if in distress 

    don’t buy cheap of the likes of eBay or amazon ok it’s to look at your stables but it also becomes a health and safety tool 


    I have a post on here a few years ago at a racehorse stables and we also installed sensors on the barn doors that alert you when ever a barn door is opened .... it sends a text to your mobile phone

  7. Hi yes it sounds like a power problem .... they do get weak over time 

    also 5amp for 4 cameras is in tolerance but does give some problems sometimes 

    say cameras are 1amp run in day time colour =4amp ...... but at night switch over cameras need more power to switch IR on and to move the lens filter 4 cameras with only 1amp left .... a surge takes your 5amp to its max ..... you can till if this is a problem ...... at night hold your power supply and instead of warm it is hot. 

    I would get another 5amp power supply and run two cameras on each. 

    another test you can do tonight is remove a working camera from your power supply and leave the rest including your faulty one and see if it stays on all night

  8. Your recorder is 10 years or More. I know CnM (Alex)They used to be on the forum till they closed.  Check the date they were last on 

    now your mouse problem ....... again your system has not had a update to update drivers for newer memory sticks or a mouse control
    to get past this just insert your memory stick and mouse then reboot your system and your mouse will come back


    i also have the CnM player here if you need it

  9. Hi Katie. 
    CnM. Went bust nearly 20 years ago 

    and ther units were sold after that under sentinal name. and that stopped 10 years ago


    you need to ask your insurance company on how much footage they need.

    they may want the full day 

    The CnM unit may also be priority software which means burn onto a memory stick but you will also need to also supply the file player. And that will not load on a computer now as it’s to old and the licence will have run out. 

    depending on your type of business it might be better to buy a new dvr and just send yours to your insurance company 


    old CnM s units are on eBay for £5 ...... you will pay more than that for a memory stick



  10. You need to remember how firmware works it’s not a full software it’s an update or repair of the units existing software 

    you list firmware of unit that is 2 years older than your unit 2018 will not be accepted 


    if you have a China unit which I think you have as the firmware is old than the unit. 

    YOU CAN NOT USE HIKVISION SOFTWARE. It will only brick your unit. Genuine hikvision software will not work on China units. 

    you need to know if you can get into your system as it is

    PM me your serial number and time and date on the screen

  11. Hi. Your firmware does not match your model number it’s out by 3 years. 

    for years forums have said don’t buy from eBay for hikvision .... even hikvision issued warnings 


    in your case it looks like you have bought a unit that has already been messed about with and has the wrong firmware.  
    the history of the unit is also important...... did it start off for the uk market .... is it a real hikvision or a copy or China only and someone has tried to change the language with firmware. 

    your problem now is it needs to be 2019 firmware but it will not load unless your unit has 2017 already on the unit which yours has not. 

    big paper weight is what you have 

    don’t waste time on it