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  1. Hi. 

    45 minutes ago, markebenson said:

    Please explain why our equipment would communicate to a China 

    Because the software instructs you recorder to connect to China server same issue with hikvision .... that model was designed to do the connection


    55 minutes ago, markebenson said:

    I do all networking, we own our routers. No third party. 

    The third party is your recorder P2P

    even if you did not pick the P2P setup once recorder is connected to the internet it will setup

    there is a device called the ARM plug which connects to network cable before it enters the recorder which detects unauthorised connection but it depends on your type of business if cost is viable.... are all systems individual customers or a corporate setup

    what location are you in ?

    for more about your problem google dahua hikvision ban 

    also dahua botnet hack 2013 to 2017

  2. Hi. Looks like a Xmeye system 

    your image looks more like a format type problem or a pal ntsc problem


    format type =. Cvi tvi ahd 

    can you go into menu and look for either above click on it and see if all cameras are the same .... should be ahd

    on some older xmeye systems format type is displayed in bottom left of each camera .... you left click on the box to go though each format

    see if that helps

  3. 5 hours ago, markebenson said:

    1: Will changing the default port from 37777 to a non standard port prevent this particular hack? 

     2: Disabling telnet - it is my understanding that this particular hack is done through the telnet feature although I do not know how do disable it

    Hi. This will only block whoever has access remotely and given the details 

    both your above options are inbound connection ....... changing ports or passwords or even local Ip change every month or so is good security practice 

    but your units build dates and software has outbound connection built in to software and you have no control over that.

    other than not connecting units to internet 

    P2P connection is the main problem ..... setup or not by you ..... the units still setup to a China server and that’s the pathway back to your units..... server is we’re the hack starts....... no port needed no password needed

    dahua have paid a heavy cost over this use of software along with hikvision 

    some of us have had to deal with a lot more than 30 units 

    are all your units at one location or are you talking customers 

  4. 5 hours ago, markebenson said:

    I realize i can replace the dvr or all 30 dvrs of the same model that I we have. Was looking for a more technical answer from someone that is familiar with this hack.  Thx

    I am very familiar with the hack problems 

    I did say your not going to like the answer. It is well documented there is no fix ... it is built into the software.  If you still have units working just don’t connect them to the internet. 

    so what technical are you looking for ?

    can you change software .... no ... only updates

    but your system is 4 years out of updates last support from dahua 2017 .... this is why they won’t help

    so what technical information are you looking for on a 7 year old system (2017 last update for 2013 upwards build)

    also using remote apps and pps.... your system comes to end of life using DMSS as dahua will be removing that app this year .... it’s replaced by DMSS plus.. your unit is too old for the change

    2013 to 2017 software build units 1000s got hit ..... not from hack coming into unit .... the unit created the path in and out of your network

    what answer are you looking for

  5. Hi. Not what you want to hear but it’s time for a new dvr

    last update for that version was 2017 ... yours looks like no update since 2015


    your also out of date for all the app updates 

    you can’t repair the early dahua systems 2014-2017 the problem is in the units software..... DVRs are not expensive 

  6.  Hi. Your first thing to do is reset everything back to factory ( your router)

    Factory reset your recorder but don’t connect it to your network till you have your network sorted


    you don’t need a DNS service if you have a static ip BUT you will also need to get intouch with your internet provider and ask them for a new IP address ..... you need this done before you reconnect your DVR


    2 hours ago, Toople said:

    I’ve tried a number of IP addresses, from the router to one found on the web that advised DNS address Xmeye. 

    This is what has put your network at risk .... you should never add external IP address to your own network except what your isp provided 

    Using a DNS address found on the internet has and will make your network unsecured 

    DNS xmeye .... is only allowing your network a connection to China server....... people think remote view is connection from smart device too DVR ...... in fact it’s .... smart device —— China server ——DVR

  7. 1 hour ago, DomRay2348 said:

    if XInray is a ”legitimate” reseller of HIKvision, when you are ready to order with the part numbers, just asl XINRAY if they can provide the serial numbers of your order to validate with HIKvision , call their support numbers and or look up their website to confirm if the serial numbers are fake or real. International or US or Any country in the world, if it is HIKvision legitimate the serial numbers will tell you the story......simple......

    No such thing as website check for S/N

    ”the serial number of your order to validate”

    Money first .... for order ..... that’s a bit after the fact 

  8. Hi. Your problem is the mounts are power controlled rs485 is data signal 

    a Manchester box con control them box gives a few options on connection 

    problem is you can buy a new full ptz camera for less than a manchester Box and you would need one for each mount


    your other option is amazon .... cheap pan/tilt head 

  9. 36 minutes ago, NoorElsebai said:

    .. I need an hdmi cable in and an antenna or (I think it is called coaxial) cable out 

    Hi. The first picture above is what you need that’s exactly what it’s for. 
    but how many TVs are you going to be using


  10. 12 hours ago, SmartCameraSG said:

    leading online store for the best security cameras in Singapore

    More crap 

    this is even worse top brand in uk .... total crap


    • US & UK top internet connected camera brand

  11. 9 minutes ago, eddieblade21 said:

    and honestly if you say the best thing is to get rid of the cabling then I would need to figure something out, prefer not to but your the SME.

    Hi. A few years ago ip HD network cameras on cat5 were the best for high resolution cameras

    now HD analog has caught up and runs on coax 2mp upto 8mp (4K) and with sticking with coax you will benefit from hd analog being cheaper

    14 minutes ago, eddieblade21 said:

    The style camera I like to stay with are Dome Style.

    Yes you can still buy dome cameras but turret cameras are much better .... smaller and look better ..... domes don’t handle IR very well at night turret cameras remove all problems of dome


    what part of the world are you in

  12. Hi ... yes your right ..... but two reasons why I did not mention it .... first cost .... converting analog to ip is very expensive and limits you 

    second is you have sdi cameras not standard analog cameras which your first picture shows analog which you don’t have ....sdi are hardly used anymore 


    your second picture 

    has not turned anything into a nvr ... in fact it’s a pointless setup ..... cameras out to recorder network connection to router out to nvr ..... only a few recorders would give you this option.... has to be same manufacture

    but nvr is not needed as the analog will have cms for viewing on pc 

    but again your problem is SDI system 

  13. 41 minutes ago, eddieblade21 said:

    I like to keep the cameras and all the coaxial cable as it is hidden perfectly around the home 

     I like to upgrade my DVR to a NVR which in turn I can access remotely from another PC or iPhone

    hi. Keeping original camera’s prevents you from going nvr ..... nvr is only used with IP cameras

    you can stay with a dvr as a new option but your problem with doing that is your SDI cameras are not compatible unless you buy a sdi dvr which is a waste of money

    new DVRs run tvi cvi ahd and standard analog 

    so you can keep cables but both recorder and cameras need changing

  14. 1 hour ago, Robert78 said:

    If used with a system on a computer the cameras become simply a dumb piece of hardware similar to any plug-in camera hooked to a computer.

    Hi. No very wrong ..... as ezviz asks for router details to work (nvr or pc) you still give it a path in and out of your network


    the problem is people don’t know what there buying when it comes to home security. There are two types 



    this is we’re you buy and get equipment home and on setup it asks you to register your equipment to a cloud service 1000s of miles away .... the only reason is to collect personal information .... your name your email your router username and password which then gives your location also cell location if using a app which tracks your location even when not at home

    IF A STRANGER CAME TO YOUR DOOR and asked for your router details and login and password details 95% of people would say no....... yet very happy to give it over there home network to strangers........ it’s not a security system if others have control


    CCTV SECURITY SYSTEM (not smart)

    does not require you to register .... cloud is optional and does not stop your system working if you don’t use that option does not disable firewall and you can pick and insert your own port numbers for remote view and change when ever you like along with IP address...... all of which makes your own network secure 


    ezviz (hikvision) and lorex (dahua) are about to hit headlines again  ezviz for using facial recognition software of everyone who passes there cameras and sending data back to China (without owners concent)

    lorex for how there new systems are made and now also requiring login details again for dahua use


    i will pm you with a system you have control over

  15. 9 hours ago, Robert78 said:

    Is there anything from the current system that can be used?  What about the cameras as long as I'm willing to live with their image quality?  Do the cameras themselves pose a security risk? Do you have a recommended NVR or minimum requirements to look for to avoid pp quality like ezviz?

    Yes you can use them .... but you can’t stop them sending data to 3rd company it’s built into software

    ezviz is about to get a ban from Australia 

    mall China government owned companies 

    hikvision ezviz dahua lorex are all about to come back into the news over security risks and company build methods 

    ezviz are cheap $30 ..... there cheap to flood the market and collecting personal data on what cameras see and hear


    to use your ezviz contact them for a new nvr recorder or pc software as trying to connect them to another manufacturers unit may not work ... I know they state onvif which they don’t 

  16. Hi. Lots of people make this mistake...... ptz with heater blower or wiper should not run on Poe from nvr

    yes your right cold temperatures have switched on your heater and the sensor is set very low ..... this is because ip cameras also generate there own heat anyway ... your extreme low temp has called for more power which your nvr does not have


    lorex nvrs don’t run heavy ptz power you need to run larger Poe switch

    how many ptz cameras are you running and what make and model 

  17. 14 minutes ago, Larbo said:

    So, TVT is a cheap Chinese brand I gather. 

    No . In fact it’s one of best systems on the market ..... also has best app and pc remote software

    17 minutes ago, Larbo said:

    This one is an old cast off from the office. But it worked and we didn't really care about the on-site viewing quality. Still don't. 

    Well this is going to be a problem ...... to reset video output range it can only be done from master output hdmi .... then you have control over second output .... sounds like it was set as spot monitor ..... no other way around it

    24 minutes ago, Larbo said:

    I saw that the 4 std range cameras are motorized and one of them is out of focus. Is that changed at the camera or can it be done via the NVR remotely (when it is up and running again)?

    You can set it via monitor or SuperLive pro or the pc cms software .... you use the ptz controls on any of the devices 


    if you don’t want to buy a monitor borrow one that’s hdmi and hd ...... connect it power up and it will set the range automatically 


    then we can see if this is your problem

  18. 23 minutes ago, Larbo said:

    I took the monitor home and I had the onboard VGA controller on my mobo shut off. Once I turned on and hooked up, it recognized the input being there but I got no pic, Maybe I turned off something else to save resources since I am hooked up via DVI on an separate graphics board. This older 19" Sony monitor calls the VGA input HD15 and is 1280x1024. 

    Ok so we still don’t know if monitor is working or not

    your system is called a TVT nvr and it should be run on hdmi ....... you will not be seeing the benefit of your cameras 

    with two outputs  hdmi and vga 

    hdmi is your master output 

    vga is secondary and is set via recorder

    you need to buy a wide hd tv with hdmi which is the right monitor you should be using


    looking at your recipes $115 for a monitor I’m guessing it’s just a cheap 19inch pc vga monitor

    your installer does not have a clue I would also question over $600 for Poe extenders 

    when nvr is Poe (your premises must be bigger than the white house) to be needing them on each camera. 

    so first thing is new monitor HD hdmi so as you can be on main output