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  1. 46 minutes ago, emma001 said:

    Recently I've heard about video verification security systems. It is one of the latest technology  The cameras in the system send video clips to the monitoring station when an alarm triggers. So we can ensure immediate action from the police. You can research it on the internet.

    These are one of the worst systems you can buy

    monthly costs

    response costs

    you never own your system

    limited data storage (not on site)

    you buy but don’t own 

  2. Hi. VMs ... video management ... it is free with most dvr/nvrs now cms also 

    hikvision is also behind others in this software and is complicated but not as efficient as others


    analog is now just as good as IP and it will save you a lot of money .... no switches .... less cable and cheaper cameras .... don’t go any less than 5mp .... analog goes upto 4K 

    these are best recorders on the market currently both in software and app application 



  3. 29 minutes ago, lordchickengod said:

    And that 1 people can not be asked to patrol the farm.

    No need two ... monitor would still be in office

    29 minutes ago, lordchickengod said:

    So If I use 2 x POE NVR in 2 of farm buildings, The thief can steal it (HDD included). Then I will have no proof to the police officer.

    You would still have footage on vms in office it’s like second backu


    29 minutes ago, lordchickengod said:

    So my new system I change it to IP system to minimize cable cost and be able to record it in NVR that is in a safer place.

    Do you already have equipment ?

    we’re are you located


  4. Hi. No that would create a unstable system 

    second is using hikvision nvr  .... out of date and unreliable 

    To limit transmission problems and cable feed costs I would remove the switches in farm 1 and 2 and use a Poe nvr 8 way at each farm. More reliable also cameras still working if one nvr goes down and is a cheaper option 

    and use vms in office to view and control the system 

    Other option is HD analog system ... still same resolution as IP  but cable distance  far greater .... run cable direct from office to each camera location ( you can get 4 camera feeds down 1 cat cable

  5. Hi. Using covert cameras is just going to limit you to camera choices plus your not having the benefit of cameras you can see being a deterrent 

    turret cameras are small pick dark gray so they don’t stand out 

    you are right with your choice of system 

    IP is your best option and will safe you the time and money on getting cables to your garage . Simple power adapters from TP link will allow you to run upto 4 camera at garage using your already installed power cable

    just plug one into recorder and plug camera into other in your garage 



  6. 13 minutes ago, Lolbrad said:

    Waste of money, cameras are just redundant now.

    might see if we can get an expert out to the house.

    So what happens if you choose dynamic

    your recorder puts up a code I need that code

    you can call onyx but they will ask you the same and also the manufacture the same

    we’re are you located

  7. 29 minutes ago, Lolbrad said:

    123456 it’s what it advises on the instructions 

    Ok so it can’t be new ...... has it been used before ?


    it is not good practice to give out passwords you could be an employee or other and wants access to recorder 

    123456 only available on first install 

    did you buy new

  8. 1 hour ago, moparcruiser said:

    My PC cannot handle the 24/7 compressed 3 camera recording though.

    This is because of two types of compression 

    you camera (brillcam) is h265 you pc is converting it back to h264 which uses a lot of cpu...... your camera should have a option to use h265 or h264

    this is only a problem with some pc software but you don’t have this issue with a standalone nvr

    yes your camera will work with lorex

  9. 33 minutes ago, Alfie Mike said:

    5 reasons why security cameras are helpful for your business :-

    1. Insider Protection

    2. Legal Protection

    3. Employee Productivity

    4. Theft Prevention

    5. Identify Visitors

    So security must be 6th reason ???

    from your website 

    Dynapost provides the world’s best platforms of digital video security camera systems, while embracing the human morals and traditions of business practices.

    We provide full surveillance systems to meet our customer’s needs. Our products include Stand-Alone DVR, PC-Based DVR, Monitors, Day & Night Cameras


    worlds best platform of digital .... but your only DVRs and PC based pci DVRs?



  10. 1 hour ago, moparcruiser said:

    Just to be clear -- I am not using Brillcam's cloud service for storage, recording or remote access (I have had NO luck in that last regard) etc.   I am only accessing the cameras through their app via my phone to reboot.

    If your cameras are on your network then your camera are connected to a cloud .... you don’t set it up the camera will do that it’s self and you would not know


    1 hour ago, moparcruiser said:

    I had no idea that "Brillcam" is  aka "Hikvision" aka  "EZ Vision"  (did I get that right?).   YIKES!!! LOL

    Yes EZ vision is hik .. brillcam is a resent name change 

    yes hiview is also hik

    only reason I HIview is your cameras are compatible