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  1. Hi. cruelty.


    your posting from ebay.....PLEASE DONT BUY. but at the end of the day it is your choice.




    the price .....way way to cheap

    its from hongkong ..............you will get no back-up


    and £50 to ship


    if you are in the uk. you can buy a good 4 way dvr for not much more money and get a uk back-up service.

  2. Hi. uter.


    i am in the uk. but i use dvrs from america take a look at the avermedia 16 way hybid it will do everything you ask at 30fps. but like alpine0000 says you dont need to go that high. 6 to 10 fps indoors and 20 to 25 fps outdoors if you need to catch numberplates. uter the best way for you to workout fps is the human eye can see at 13.5 fps so set everything to 15fps.

    also have a look at cnb cameras (you also have a distributor in america) they do very good ir zoom cameras.

    if you look on my site you will see a demo of the 16 way avermedia.


    this system also takes most types of ip cameras so if he is only using 5 he could install ip cameras on other family homes or buisnesses and record them on his system.




    and also here is a link to avermedia usa, call them and ask for a distributor by you



  3. Could be your Hard Drive causing the momentary record stop. I noticed the problem with the EB1304NET I was using at my home did this from time to time. It seemed as though it would suddenly stop, the screen would flash and the same message appeared. Switched out the 500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue with a 500GB from Seagate (can't remember the model number) and the problem never occurred again. Since then I have yet to hear back from any customers who have had the same experience using either the WD or Seagate drives.


    As for the "vertical blinds", I did notice this on an EB1304NET which I installed in June, but only during reboot. No idea what is causing it and the DVR functions perfectly otherwise. My customer is a personal friend and he claims that it hasn't occurred for a couple of months now, so we are going to leave it alone and see how it works out before I send it off for warranty. It is the first time I have seen this and I'm not sure what is the cause. The only unique thing about it is that I went with a WD Caviar Green 1TB Hard Drive this time.

    yes i aggree with WRS_mark. i used to only use western digital (thats what avers recommended) but i had 4 of the sa dvrs go down had to change hd to seagate or hp and that sorted it. now avermedia dont use western hd

  4. Hi todd.


    they is 4 models of the aver mob.


    1, mob1304 net wifi

    2, mob1304 net (standard and 2 years old)

    3, mob1304 net gsm with usb 3g dongle (the dongle is avermedias own and will not run on anything else and on t mobile pay as you go sims.

    4, mob1304 net gps


    i will check for you with t mobile here if the data only sim can be used in america. here the sim costs your price $5 and runs at $10 per month unlimited data.

  5. Hi. 3rdiglbl.


    if you would like to log in to one of mine its the 16 way avermedia with 8 standard and 8 ip axis cameras. then send me an email.


    no you dont need a licence for any avermedia. the only problem i have had with avers is dont put anymore that 2x 5mp on the same unit


    but other thant that they are a good machine. dont use the 8way hybrid it does not have as many functions as the 16-32

  6. Hi. todd.

    i have the new aver mobile. it is alot better than the old one. the 3g side also comes from avermedia so no need to have to set up remote view. also it is now linked to google maping. i am in the uk but i have a friend in america if you still have problems getting hold of one. what i would say is other mobile dvrs have a long way togo to catch up with the new avermedia.