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  1. Sec

    New business need your help

    Do you have photos from your previous installations you made? Maybe you need to post them so your social networks and your website could tell a story about projects you implemented?
  2. Sec

    password recovery

    for hik try admin / 12345
  3. Sec


    That is strange. Just in case the default passwords for Samsung Username: root and password: admin , Username: admin and password: 1111111 , Username: admin and password: 4321
  4. I had a similar problem to solve. I had Visio drawings and no way to visit the site. Finally, I designed the project using 3D CCTV design software from JVSG. In order to do it you need to place your walls on the "site plan" so you get 3D mockup of the site. Then you can play with different camera params and locations till you are satisfied wtih the result.
  5. be careful, some Pansonic BL use 1/6 inch CMOS senor. IMHO 1/6" sensors are too small for any real usage.
  6. Sec

    IP PTZ Cameras

    The easiest way for your case IMHO is to use IP camera with PTZ like AXIS 214
  7. Yes, but if you have AXIS (or other famous brand) made in China the quality is different .
  8. Sec


    I second the recommendation of Soundy. IP video system design tool rocks! I took a project yesterday to install a lot of IP cameras in a shop. It just took minutes to finish the whole design.
  9. vin2install: Do you really think all CCTV equipment production already moved to China? Personally I haven't check all cameras I have seen, but you are right most have "Made In China", "Maid in Taiwan" or something like this. Probably Mobotix cameras are still from Germany. It scares me a little. I hope it still should be some CCTV production in US and Europe.
  10. Hi, I used MOXA RS485 convertors. No problems at all.