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  1. Hi we are going to the Shenzhen Security Trade Show, which start from 1st.Nov, to 4th, and we are cusrious to know if you will be here Bruce Lee Overseas Market Shenzhen EasyN company(China Office) Tel: 86-755-2796-0480 My cell: 86-150-125-66909 Msn me: Easynsales2@hotmail.com
  2. man This gonna be helpful, thank you so much
  3. hello I think you are talking of car license detection, this is really special situation, WDR camera works pefectly in this situation, equipped with DSP technology, it integrates the back light compression and strong light compression, would work becautifully in detecting oncoming car, in the garage or parking lot,
  4. Hi We are IP CAM/WEBCAM producer, these days, our clients installed some ipcamera, but it turns out that they are very hot, and it's much hotter than the analog cam, why is that? Any one can give me clue please? Thank you Bruce Shenzhen EasyN company(China Office)
  5. bruce

    IP camera Software

    Hi I agree software company from other country is not for free, but so far as I know most of the IP camera producer in China provide the software for free! even some of them are trial version for 3 month periods, I think this does not make any sense, we are IP cam producer if you need something, or have interest to know more, just contact me Bruce Lee
  6. Hi IP cam is a future, analog will be replaced someday,