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  1. FredB

    Speco DVR-T16IP

    http://cctvdealers.com/default.aspx?page=customer&file=customer/intsys/customerpages/specpages/G4-4RTA-W.htm Probably around the same price you are paying for the Speco. Great DVR!. H.264 compression makes all the difference.
  2. FredB

    Speco DVR-T16IP

    Worst DVR ever. Really crappy networking. I would ru from that one if you are planning on network the DVR. We put one in and ended up replacing it after 3 months. Collecting dust in storage now,
  3. FredB

    New Guy Question

    Had the same problem a couple of times with Auto Iris dome cameras. Try changing the DC level a little bit on the camera. Could be the Auto Iris lens, doesn't open and close correctly. Tweaking the DC level will usally fix it ( if that is the problem)
  4. FredB

    Speco 16ip

    Really got into doing Home Theater, Phone Systems, Home Automation etc. for million dollar homes in Beverly Hills. Figure I had to learn something new. The Active Tech DVR is still only avalible as a 4 channel. I did figure out how to run it with a web browser though. You have to port forward port 80 also. For example, if you put the DVR behind a router and the DVR port setting for the remote Client is 6100 (default) and the IP is you have to set the router to:, 6100 (remote Client), 80 ( web Browser) Works great. Best 4 Channel I've seen so far in that price range. Still put them in all the time for smaller jobs. Fred
  5. FredB

    Speco 16ip

    Used one. The remote viewing is horrible. Ended up replacing it with a different DVR. Is sitting on a shelf now in the garage. Real garbage.
  6. FredB

    New H.264 DVR

    I actually called Intellicam to try the demo of the above DVR (the web server version), and the playback was actually really great. The user interface could be better, but the recording quality and the way it synced to the audio. They have a Star Wars movie playing on one of the channels, and I was playing back some material from that one. H.264 is very impressive. Will get an 8 channel to try for our next job. PS. You can run the DVR with a remote client also so you can pull video streams from diferent locations also.
  7. FredB

    New H.264 DVR

    Please PM me the prices on both. Thanks
  8. FredB

    New H.264 DVR

    Sure that one is great also. Wanted a model that has a 4, 8 and 16 version though. Intellicam usally has really good prices for maybe not so brilliant stuff, but I was thinking maybe they actually found something good in Korea for a change. Like to get some opinions though.
  9. FredB

    New H.264 DVR

    Has anyone tried it? Besides the fact that it is Intellicam how sells them, the specs are pretty interesting. Obiously the h.264 is the key here, together with full audio,720 X 240 rec varible bit rate, low res version for streaming. Opinions? http://cctvdealers.com/g4rta.htm Scroll down to see a remote PC shot. Think the interface looks like a modification on the Argus DVR interface http://cgi.ebay.ca/RTA-16-Port-High-End-Digital-Audio-Video-Recorder-DVR_W0QQitemZ5856759199QQcategoryZ88756QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotohosting
  10. FredB


    I'll love it! Intellicam the OEM. That's actually pretty funny. There DVMR / Argus DVR's are pretty crappy, but they do have another DVR made by Argus that is coming out soon in 4,8 and 16, JPEG-2000 and dynamic IP support. I'll probably will try one of those while I wait for the Intellix/Lexion DVR. Talking about the cheap systems.
  11. http://www.gailro.com/lexioncctv_com/product/boards.asp?name=products&category=stand Real Time with 352 X 240 on all channels. Support dynamic IP. Best DVR in that price range.
  12. FredB


    The "reddier" the led's, the lower the nm values. above 1050 or so, you can't seem them, but most chepo cameras can't "see" the higher led values. Look for cameras with high nm values, but you would probably not find them in cheaper IR bullet cameras.
  13. FredB


    http://www.sys-tek.co.kr/pro/products_410a_eng.htm Intellicam will carry it in the fall. Saw the DVR at the ISC show. Pretty good recording quality.
  14. FredB

    Flickering problem

    Thanks guys for all the help! I am going over there at the end of the week to try some of the ideas. Couple of things: 1. If I plug in a cable at the loop out from the DVR and let it hang loose, I get a very whited out picture, and if I then unplug it from the loop out, the picture goes back to normal. That would I asume mean that when nothing is plugged in to the loop out, the auto termination works, and as soon as I plug something in the termination turns of. Right track or? 2. Since the cameras work great if I plug them all in to the DVR's and skip the multiplexor, could it really be a power supply/wire issue. Problem is that we only replaced the cameras so re running wires would be a real head ache. The DVR is from HUNT http://huntcctv.com/HVR-16S.htm I'll try changing the multiplexor first. Chepo multiplexor ($300) and great DVR's ($2000).
  15. FredB

    Flickering problem

    Please eloborate.