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  1. Both ways are OK! You can have everything connected via 1 port, or you can separate cameras and remote access by using 2 different ports - in that case the NVR itself becomes a firewall, and remote users will not be able to reach and manipulate cameras directly, but can only access NVR.
  2. Here is the tool that can quickly validate the compatibility of your chosen PoE switch and ACTi cameras in terms of sufficient power supply. http://www.acti.com/switchselector I hope it helps!
  3. Hello! Here is an article I wrote some time ago that explains how to set up Motion Detection with ACTi cameras. I hope it helps. It explains the use of "sensitivity", "threshold", etc. http://www.acti.com/kb/detail.asp?KB_ID=KB20101108002
  4. Now that the cameras are online, you can upgrade all 20 cameras via IP Utility 4 at the same time. All done in 5 minutes.
  5. Yes, it appears to be the issue of 5.09.15 firmware when used under ONVIF 2.2 protocol. (no problems when using ACTi protocol). It is now considered as a known issue, and is already fixed with 5.10 version (beta). Rolling back to 5.08 will also solve the issue, but it only supports functions defined by ONVIF 2.0. If that is not your concern while using Exacqvision, then 5.08 should be fine.
  6. Wow! That's really tough. The system level troubleshooting is always a challenge. However, our tech support team will help you solve all these problems very quickly, I am very sure of it.
  7. Did you get the answers from our tech support team regarding this case? I am very curious about this case, too.
  8. It is recommended to use industrial grade switches, to have the safe performance. Industrial grade usually means that the maximum power (e.g. 15.4W for Class 3) is guaranteed on ALL ports at the same time. Lower grade switches may support 15.4W on each port separately, but the total power is not "15.4W x number of PoE ports." Some brands which have been well known for their industrial grade in the past, may also offer lower grade products nowadays due to competitive pressure or business strategy change. So please rely on the spec sheets to be sure. KCM-5611 requires 10.7W via PoE when IR LED is on (refer to KCM-5611 datasheet). Cisco 300 series does not even guarantee that much power when you use up all the PoE ports! Example: SF302-08P has 8 ports, with total power of 62W, that is an average of 7.75W per port when all ports are in use. If all ports are used by KCM-5611, you do not have to blame the camera for disconnection due to lack of power. I hope this helps..
  9. Here is the table I created some time ago. I hope it is useful.
  10. I suggest to use constant bitrate, and make sure the bitrate level is sufficient. The default bitrate level of the camera is for the default resolution (e.g. 1080p). If you bought a 3MP or 5MP camera and you decided to change the default 1080p to a higher resolution, you have to increase the bitrate level, too. If you keep too small bitrate level, you are not allowing enough data to describe the high resolution image, and there will be data shortage, especially for the last few frames of each second. As a result, the last few frames of each second may be more blur and it sharpens again with the new I-frame. This is a useful rule of thumb that applies to all the IP cameras across manufacturers. Have a nice day there!
  11. Hmm... How about this: with a few hours of effort, it is possible to make your own File Manager script that would search, download the needed files, remove needless files, etc, automatically. I know may be a bit time consuming, but sometimes self made tools are kind of cool. You may take a good use of Local Storage related URL Commands, as listed here: http://www.acti.com/kb/detail.asp?KB_ID=KB20120327001 (page 23). The following commands can be executed by your script: Get the recorded files list Get the recorded file Delete the recorded file Get the status of local storage Mount or unmount the disk Format the local storage Check the report of disk format Remove older files from local storage Set date and time filter for local storage file search Search for event related recordings Scan the disk for possible errors Check the report of the disk scan Set overwrite parameters and low disk warning rule
  12. Good morning! Indeed, there is no user interface within the Web Configurator to do the playback of the RAW files. At least not yet. And currently, there is no plan to develop the RAW player within the camera either. The long term plan is to let the NVR do the sync, manage the files in the camera and do the playback. ACTi main focus is to provide a decent software NVR solution, as the highest priority. The other software/utility solutions are with secondary priority. NVR 3 today is the result of the priority arrangement. Regarding the local storage file management: The current way to playback is pretty much as you already said: 1. download the RAW files 2. use Archive Player or Demo Tool to play RAW directly or use Media Converter to convert RAW to AVI. All these utilities can be downloaded from http://www.acti.com/Utility We also keep looking at the market trends and see whether there is a growing need for having the media player within the Web Configurator or not. In the meanwhile, I can just humbly thank you for your patience!
  13. You can do the continuous recording if you like. It may not be the best idea in the long run though, due to SD card life span may not be as long as hard drives. However, if it is needed, here's the pdf that explains how to set it up: http://www.acti.com/kb/detail.asp?KB_ID=KB20120702001
  14. The firmware version 5.09 will be published on the website when it has passed the hemispheric camera (KCM-3911/7911) functionality test. The 5.09 will provide the option to have the raw fisheye view from the camera (non-dewarped). However, since this test does not influence KCM-8xxx models, therefore this firmware version is already uploaded to the shipped PTZ models.
  15. Thank you Ando. Now reading your reply, are the 8211's starting to ship? You may check with regional distributors for most accurate schedule, as the product availability depends on the shipping time to each region and if the distributors have a backlog to handle first, or not.