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  1. yup all darkness along the driveway. just a little garage light that stays dimmly lit.
  2. well I bought my 3 cameras from Spytown back in Feb. 2005.... were they EX View back then? when did they switch the technology in these cameras? mine can see SOME stuff in dark, but it still needs some ambient light... here is one of the GOOD cameras at night... not very great... and htis is with a simple dim garage light on above the garage doors.. here is another one of the BAD camera during the day... looks pretty good in this shot.. maybe a little darker than usual.. the image just keeps changing all day long... something is not right with this camera...
  3. what's the warranty on these Speco CVC-637EX/W cameras? I've had it for about a little under 3 years... bought them back in Feb. 2005. and how long should these cameras last running 24/7 in my NJ climate?
  4. btw.. right now I am running 3 of these cameras... Speco CVC-637EX/W Color Bullet Camera with Built-in 3.6mm Lens how do you think these cameras are? These have been running non-stop for about 3 years now and I live in NJ.. so the weather goes anywhere from 0 degrees or less in the winter and up to and over 100 degrees in the summer. They have been fine with the exception of bad bnc connectors. Now this one camera is just giving me a big problem with the display. I just was wondering is Speco makes some of the best cameras out there?
  5. right now I have bullet color day/night cameras mounted under my roof overhang on the outside of my house to keep eye on my property. My bullet cameras DO NOT have IR beams on them at all. I was wondering what's a good camera that can see out about 100ft at night? I'm assuming I need IR beams built into the camera for this purpose... and is something like this a ridiculous amount of money? Thanks
  6. the other thing I did was take my voltmeter, put it on Mili-volts.. and touch the black probe to the center conductor and touch the red prob to the outside of the bnc connector and read what I was getting. I was getting about 30-70 mili-volts on the bad camera.. the other cameras were about 10-30 mili-volts. don't know if this makes any sort of a difference? but I heard from somebody that this is a good way to detect if you are getting electrical interference? here are more pictures of that weird camera today... you can see how the images just randomly change, and now right at this moment the image is pretty clear... but look at these from earlier today..
  7. well this one particular camera, the siamese cable lays ontop of some heavy guage power cable running through the attic. I put a piece of carboard over the power cable where the siamese cable crosses it, but I don't know if this could be the problem. I really have no way to test JUST the camera, the only thing I can do is plug the camera into the geovision card like I am doing now..
  8. Well I have a Geovision 6.1 system running a GV-800 v3 card. I have 3 bullet cameras all mounted outside my house under the roof overhang. I am running Siamese PVC RG-59 cable. I just replaced all BNC connections because I was getting a lot of video lost errors. Now I put on 3-piece RG59 BNC connectors and I actually Soldered the center pins on instead of crimp them. The connections all seem very strong now on both ends. Anyhow, on one of my cameras the picture is all grainy and snowy. Sometimes the picture goes almost completly white like the sun is shining right into the camera, othertimes it's very dark the image, other times the image is just all snowy. Weird thing is though, the other two cameras the picture is perfect on. And I know all the connections are good this time around. So here are some pictures to compare.. 1st pic is a GOOD camera, having no problems with this one.. 2nd pic is the BAD camera picture, not sure whether this is a bad camera, bad connection or electrical interference. This camera has the longest cable run, probably about 75 foot or so. The other two cameras have cable runs of about 40 foot each. any ideas what's going on with this one camera? it used to work fine some months back, then I kept getting video lost because of bad bnc connectors, I just replaced the connectors and now I get this ugly image back from the camera.. Thanks everybody!
  9. well I only need 10, that's why I was hoping somebody on this forum might sell me some good ones that they know are good quality.
  10. or actually I will even buy some crimp connectors from you guys if you have any to sell. I need about 10 of them, that's all. I am putting them on PVC Siamese cable.
  11. well can somebody give me a link to RG59 bnc crimps that are GOOD? because maybe the set I got are bad, I am just new to this so I wouldn't know the difference. Thanks
  12. Just wondering if I can upgrade to a newer version of the software? if so what do I need and what is the price? I have the GV-800 v3 card. It is running 3 color day/night cameras on a windows xp pro system with a 1.5ghz p4 processor and 512mb ram. BTW... does the newer versions of the software allow you to DISABLE the automatic reboot if you get a camera lost signal? Thanks, Kevin
  13. I have Geovision 6 and I have 3 cameras connected with Siamese cable. Each camera probably has about a 75 foot cable run. Geovision keeps giving me video lost errors and rebooting the computer. I think my BNC connectors are not good, I have 2-piece crimp on connectors. So I went out the other day and got a screw on connector, that didn't help anything, still video lost. I just CAN'T maintain a strong video signal, sometimes the signal gets all washed out, or flickers, or freezes, then finally just goes out completely. I am soo frustrated with this and the fact that the Geovision software will keep rebooting the computer when you get video lost.. and I CAN'T disable this from happening... I really am quite upset with this fact of the software.. so what I need... 1.) some new BNC crimp on connectors, the best ones that will give the best video with strongest signal? 2.) is there a way to disable Geovision from rebooting the computer when it gets video lost on any of the 3 cameras? I do NOT have the watchdog cable hooked up, it reboots windows XP pro through the geovision software somehow. I really want to DISABLE this feature, I hate it! Thanks
  14. well I don't know what my problem is then, because I crimped them on the right way, I don't know why my video is so weak... what does the Automatic Gain Control do in Geovision software? what should that be set to?
  15. I have a Geovision GV-800 system set up at home with 3 cameras mounted outside my house. I constantly get Video Lost errors in Geovision then my computer will reboot over and over again because of the video lost.. it's a real pain. Well the problem is the BNC connectors at the end of the Siamese cable. I have the 2-piece Crimp on connectors right now and these are not very good for me. If I move the cable around behind the computer, the video will go in and out and I know it's the BNC connectors that I crimped on which are no good. I was wondering what the best type of BNC connectors would be for me so I don't get any more video lost errors? Should I get screw on ones, something like these maybe? [edit by mod - store link removed [rk]) Thanks