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  1. How about running active baluns? I've not tried them yet but the specs can go up to 1km or even more. NVT is a established brand that you can try.
  2. Thanks for the sharing Soundy
  3. ryeporta

    CCTV resolution question.

    How much diff does the lens make in the results for a OEM lens vs a high-end lens like Tamron / Samsung / Fujinon?
  4. ryeporta

    Resolution and TVL's, what spec Camera to buy

    But it seemed not too likely that the prices of those DVR are gonna drop and popularity rise in the next 1-2yrs right? If that is so .. then wouldn't it be more feasible to use a 600TVL and wait for the the warranty to expire before deciding on the next step? For all we know MP IP cams may have fallen so much in price by then .. anyway that's just my 2 cents .. .. anyone else like to share their views on this?
  5. Thanks everyone for your generous sharing So .. I gather that for my question: The likely cause is the will be the codec issue? So it has nothing to do with the processor in the camera itself? New Question 01: I've got a entry level IP Cam from Vivotek n it lags like 1/2sec! The higher end models that my supplier showed me runs really smooth. I am just curious why the same manufacturer will want to develop diff codec for different range of camera? New Question 02: Have anyone tried those cheap IP Cams from network products companies like Linksys / D-Link / etc? What do you feel about those?
  6. Blu Ray?? there's blu-ray cctv system?!?
  7. I know that there are LOTS of baluns to transmit analog camera signals via a Cat5 cable .. BUT .. is there one that works reversely? So that I can install IP Cams using the existing coaxial cables? If not, what is the most cost effective way to convert from Analog to IP?
  8. When there is a interlaced distortion which will be the most likely cause of the problem? Camera? DVR? Both?
  9. Hi all .. I intend for this topic to go beyond the usual specs like: TVL / Pixels Min Lux Lens (3.6mm/6.0mm/etc) etc Obviously this section not too useful for the "whats-the-cheapest-cam" group of buyers .. but might be(I think) critical for those who require for important/specialised installations .. some questions may be weird though .. FEEL FREE to add on any additional things that u've come across that falls into this category so that future readers can benefit from a one-stop place to learn all the "hidden details" for camera selection. Interlaced vs Progressive Scan * Are ALL analog cameras using interlaced scan by default? * Are DVR (Analog) Progressive or Interlaced? * For network cams .. If it is not specified, will it be safe to assume it uses interlaced scanning? Lag in IP Cam * What is the cause of the lag in IP Cam? (Actual motion vs actually seeing it on screen) * Is there anyway to tell from spec sheet if there will b a lag? Signal/noise Ratio What is a "good" S/N ratio? Is S/N ratio critical for IP Cams? I browsed thru few of my brochures but there is no S/R ratio ratings on them? Size of sensor I understand that size of sensor affects the image quality of the video. It seemed like the specs of most of the reputable brands have the following trend: - Below 1MP : 1/4" - 1 to 2MP: 1/3" - 2 to 3MP: 1/3" or smaller [list=]So can I expect quite a big dip in the image quality for example a 2MP on 1/4" CMOS? Assuming both uses progressive scan
  10. Hi .. I could not really find stuff in the forum that addresses the lowdown into HD IP Cams .. so I thought I might as well just start 1 .. My Question: 1) HD vs Megapixels I understand that HDTV cams have resolution of 1980x1080 .. which is effectively a 2MP cam. It also has to comply with a series of HDTV standards like 16:9 aspect ratio. So .. does it mean a 3MP IP Cam beats a HD1080? Is there any chance that a 2MP Cam gives better results HD rated Cam? What about the colours, noise, crispness/sharpness of images, frame rates? I mean assuming both are from reputable brands. What does the "HD" marking signifies?? I mean .. to most layman .. it sounded like the holy grail .. but is it really so? (let's just ignore the price tag for this discussion ) Will be heaven if someone has a demo link to view a comparison on a live system
  11. Ok .. I m gonna sound really noob now .. Unfortunately in Singapore .. which is extremely safe (and people are extremely ignorant) .. there is little chance for me to push for megapixel setups The images looked fantastic to compared to the usual analogue cameras that I've installed. But how does compare with other IP cameras of the similar specs (EG: Axis / Mobitix /etc) and price ranges? Anyone got more pix to share?
  12. Hi fellow forumers, Got a query recently on installing a CCTV Surveillance system on a ship. Here are some of their requirements: * anti-corrosion due to the salt water * vibration resistant due to the motion of the ship * night Vision - IR * discreet - camouflage-able The ship is about 180m x 35m The main purpose of the system is for surveillance against pirate attacks mainly. They intend to monitor the movement should their ship be hijacked by pirates, they will move into a locked security cabin to hide and monitor if the pirates activities. And when the pirates have left, they will come out of their hiding to continue their voyage. Really like to know 1) if there is any international standards for the equipment used in the seafaring industry to prevention against sea water corrosion and motion. 2) Is there any code of practice for actions to take when attacked by pirates. 3) Is there any other considerations that I've missed Thanks in advance Cheers, Ed
  13. IS there such a device or is there anything like that which can be done? The setup is for a portable CCTV system that can be mounted onto lamp posts and detached easily (or relatively easily) for re-deployment. The most tricky part I can see is a independent power supply. I've suggested solar panels to my prospect but he felt that solar panels are too expensive. Hence I am thinking of something like this: An IP cam with 1) SD Card Storage or USB Hard-Disk output (I've seen before a year ago from China) 2) Optional 3G internet connection A weather-proof housing that will store a power supply. Either a Battery or a UPS. Or anything else. Does anyone has any suggestions for such a setup?