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  1. I want your recommendation about a full system that will be used in a residential compound I would like to ask some questions about the design of this system 1-What do you recommend CCTV or IP System ? 2-What is the infrastructure needed for this project put in consideration that the distance is many KMs so what sort of connections can I use? 3-What are the software that I can be used to manage this purpose securing the whole compound and managing the traffic 4-What if we can link the system to the police station so as to give something like alarm and to be viewable from the police station that can be many KMs far from the compound? 5-The aim is to start compound and then can be done in the whole city
  2. I am having a project that I want to decide whether to use Analog or IP system in it. There are four Data Centers in the university each will need at least 7 cameras so what do you recommend me to use ip cameras or analog and please put in consideration that the system might be expanded so that they can monitor another parts of the university not only the data centers.
  3. Please add me to installer group & I can be added also to dealer
  4. mahmoud.auf

    Accessing problem

    I want only to share the solution of this problem I have partially solved the problem as the problem was with the registration file as the vendor I purchased from him the dvr card was giving me a wrong registration file and he will contact unisight I think for the registration and he will send it to me.
  5. I have a problem that I am using a PC based DVR system the problem is that I have made an account for a user and everything works right and I can access the dvr through the internet but after accessing it for about 5 or 6 times when I try to access it again with the username & password of the account it keeps on telling me that access denied wrong username or password and when I restart the PC everything works again but after few times it make the same problem Access Denied but I still can access the web client but I can't login. The software I am using is UNISIGHT standard
  6. I have solved the iisue conerning the ip address thank you so much for your effort
  7. Thank you so much for your effort The IP address of the software is what does that mean?
  8. here is the link http://www.samsungsecurity.com/prd/pro_down_pop_list.asp?cat_biz=ctv&prj_uid=1456&pro_uid=5442&dow_flg=SOW Thank you so much
  9. I have disabled the firewall and the antivirus but nothing changed so I have an idea if you could install it your PC as you seem that you are professional so please try to help because my customers will kill me
  10. There is no anystart button even when I check the DDNS service it gives me a message that the test is completed I have attached snapshots from the software
  11. no id doesn't give me anything I can't also access it locally even when I type or the ip address of the pc installed on it the software & the port number of the software
  12. I have insured that the ports are opened and the command give me a blanck screen at the port of the software but still I can't access the software
  13. Yes I am using Samsung Net I Ware which is a recording software & I have made the DDNS service but I think that the problem is with the port forwarding part although I have port forwarded the ports of the software which is from 8000 to 8004
  14. To be more specific what I need to do is to access the recording software via internet what I need to know is how to do this task
  15. I have installed 4 Samsung network cameras SND-1010 & I want to view them remotely from Net I Ware software my question is do I have to port forward each of the four cameras or I just only port forward the software as it has the ability to be remote viewed.The software is installed on a PC that is in the site of the Cameras all I need is to access the software as all the cameras are registered in it.