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    CPSE 2011 show

    Hi all, I am going to CPSE show for meetings. But there will be more time to spend. If anybody goes and have a time to spend let me know it. i am manufacturer.
  2. Dongwonsecurity

    CPSE 2011 show

    We don't setup a stand for this CPSE show. We go for arranged individual meetings with current customers and new customers in communcation so far to share new CCTV information, business, and also some fun! we will stay in Vienna international hotel. if you or anyone are interested, send me PM to see.
  3. Dongwonsecurity

    Installer Help me

    In recent, my new customer who starts installation business ordered our Effio-E 960H box cameras from us. he installed the cameras in a bank. the bank has spotlights under cashers. He said he like the camera a lot. BUT He complained about the image has light spot (see attached sample image) and ask some resolution. I know this is not a camera problem. What resolution can I give him for this problem? Please installers who know Effio-E OSD help me. Can i solve the problem with Effio-E OSD?
  4. Dongwonsecurity

    Any resources for comparing camera features?

    Even there are 100 kinds of cameras, they can be arranged with CCD and DSP. After this arrangement, they will be a few group then you can select the design or physically good one.
  5. Dongwonsecurity

    unix hero cameras

    It has a Hero chipset which is developed in Korea. Some says good however analoge is very subjective. 1/3" Sony Super HAD II CCD may be difficult to show 650 resolution in Color. I guess it will have good price!
  6. Dongwonsecurity

    How about SONY Effio E 650TVL camera?

    Effio-E dose not have WDR as DSP chipset dose not support it. but there is a possibility that some can do real WDR with Effio-E maybe. just what i think because we add extra feature (Intelligent IR LED Light Control) on Effio-E and it works well. Our Effio-E image is attached. DVR resolution 720X480 CH1 - our Effio-E, 960H Exview CCD CH2 - 600TVL, 3DNR CH3 - Panasonic WDR XXX product.
  7. Dongwonsecurity

    How about SONY Effio E 650TVL camera?

    i have seen Effio-E 960H EXview CCD II camera in a lab. in a word, very good. i can identify each adge of each objects very clearly. 2D DNR looks working good, equalible to 3D NDR. trying TDN development now. for good Effio-E camera selection, the choice of CCD - i think CCD 408/9, 638/9 can't show over 650TVL. too much marketing. well designed and programmed for good image quality. on Wonder Effio-P will be greater.
  8. Dongwonsecurity

    EFFIO Camera comparison

    Great sample images to know more about effio and new DSP! Can we share the chipset code No. of Effio-P such as Effio-E has CXD4127GG? cause i haven't seen effio-P so far. Have you tried effio camera with megapixel lens? 960H EXview CCD II (ICX672/673) is very good! when B/W or IE LED on, it shows very clear image.
  9. Dongwonsecurity

    Rival to CNB Mona Lisa

    Have heard the same rumor, but cannot find proof as yet. Another suggests that CNB bought the rights to an Isreali designed DSP. It is interesting that several Korean manufacturers released their "own" chipsets within a few months of each other. Perhaps there is indeed a common central theme. After all, many of the larger names in Korea do not actually manufacture directly.... One thing I am sure of - CNB made a major investment into Mona Lisa. The evidense being the relentless push to promote only Mona Lisa based products (at that level, not taking away from Blue-I) - even withdrawing Sony based zoom products for the soon to be released Mona Lisa varients. The zooms are not yet at sample stage. Squizz. Suprising to read this subject. CCTVforum knows much. Yes, it is ture that Korea has excellent R&D companies developing DSP now and it becomes a trend to have own DSP among Korean manufacturers. Some has very good image but dose not sell much as no brand name such as Samsung. Some are poor even 600tvl, 3D etc. so now distributors need to test camera sample more to avoid marketing trick.
  10. Dongwonsecurity

    Sony EFFIO

    in next month, I am able to bring a url link for Effio-E(CXD4127GG) online view in CCTVforum as we are going to start lineup in Oct. or PM me. Wow! it is very exciting now as waiting for effio war soon. Let's compete, whose effio is the best. Question, is anyone satisfied with Effio WDR(CXD4112AGG) about quality and price? i have not seen really qualified Effio WDR(CXD4112AGG). Any answer will help me do marketing well.
  11. Dongwonsecurity

    Anyone used Samsung cameras with the new A1 chip?

    I think that GVI sells samsung brand products alone and it is sure that Samsung will not provide chipset alone to them. Now Samsung Techwin is the only company of manufacturing CCTV in Samsung companies and it sells A1 and Winner series together. as far i have heard, it seems A1 sells a little more than W-5 nowadays. economy is bad and there is not a big demand in E.U for W-5. W-5 shows color tone as like previous winner series shows. i think A-1 color is artifically changed for better looking.
  12. Dongwonsecurity

    Anyone used Samsung cameras with the new A1 chip?

    A1 is out in 2009 and It is the first chipset supporting 600line in Color. It was supplied from Samsung electronics but now it is supplied from Samsung Techwin(same company) It has various versions like A1 chipset with 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD(ICX408/409) A1 chipset with 1/3" Sony Super HAD II CCD(ICX638/639) <-- recommendable A1 WDR chipset with 1/3" Sony Super HAD DS CCD(ICX212/213)<-- recommendable My customers say that it has really good BLC programming and its WDR function is the best among 600line products. Color tone shows a little reddish but it is ok. I have seen the video clip showing good and bad between chipsets for 600line. It is a little different as I experienced.
  13. Dongwonsecurity

    Genie Dome CCTV Cameras

    can you tell the product code which has a lens problem? i am wondering to know the model Number.
  14. Dongwonsecurity

    How to tell what CCD you have?

    the marking is on the back of ccd (chipset) so you desolder it to see back side of it. I think no wonder the CCD is 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD(ICX408/409).
  15. Dongwonsecurity

    How to tell what CCD you have?

    there is a marking(ICX...) on back side of CCD. you should take it apart. -..-! normally 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD is used for Next2010.
  16. Dongwonsecurity


    KPC-DNR700 has Digital WDR and if you buy it because of it, you need to search about Digital WDR. general image quailty is O.K. you can consider buying higher resolution plus 3D DNR as price is getting down.
  17. Dongwonsecurity

    Monalisa VS Hawk DSP??

    NVP2170 chipset can't excess 560TVL in Color. i think it is good for middle range price cams.
  18. Dongwonsecurity

    Monalisa VS Hawk DSP??

    of course, no wonder Monalisa is better. It seems manufacturers do marketing of hawk a lot.
  19. Hi All, Bosch showed new camera developed with 20bit(DSP). Even it is 540TVL, The image must be very rich and wonderful. I know now most of high resolution camera is based on 8~10bit technology. Which manufacturer use the highest bit rate for camera now?
  20. Dongwonsecurity

    Who use the highest bit rate for camera?

    http://www.mintron.tw/14BIT-2CH/14bit-color.html. <<-- dose this DSP has 14 bit really? i do not understand it technically very well. further, i know the 12 bit DSP supporting 620TVL is out in Korea. New products of Bosch supports 20bit DSP (LTC 0498 Series Dinion2X Day/Night Camera)<<- if someone has seen the image, PLEASE comment it..!
  21. Dongwonsecurity

    Sony EFFIO

  22. Dongwonsecurity

    HAWK DSP What is this!

    Which Hawk? i think the Hawk will reach only 560TVL(COL.) Monalisa is good however you should buy the product under CNB logo with big quantity.
  23. Dongwonsecurity

    If you have to pick up just one trade show for 2010..

    it will be for my vacation only. thanks
  24. Hi All, As economy is bad, customers don't come to trade shows much in this year. Dubai show, ISC, Secutech, IFSEC, and etc all bad. if you have to pick up just one trade show for 2010 for premium products? which one will be 1. Essen in Oct 2. China Security in Nov 3. ISC Solution 4. anything else, let me know.
  25. Dongwonsecurity

    Wonwoo CCTV???

    And IP67 is a bad thing? I respectfully disagree with your, Rory. The build quality of the latest Wonwoo vs the latest CNB camera sells Wonwoo to me. Picture quality between the two is close (I do slightly prefer the picture quality of the Wonwoo over the latest CNB after checking out both), but the way everything is put together on the Wonwoo justifies the minor price difference, which is important when you have customers 500 miles in every direction. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a lot of discussing. I am located close geographically to Wonwoo and CNB. i want add some as far as i know. the marketing target of Wonwoo and CNB is different. Wonwoo started business as a housing maker and now no one disagreed to say the NO. 1 housing maker is Wonwoo in Korea now. the housings, a rugged camera, and a rapport are famous. they also develop for Samsung CCTV. Everyone says Wonwoo has really a good dome as "goodome" is their tradmarked. the main business will be housings and then camera. CNB has full line up in cameras and components except CCD. they have own dsp(Monalisa, Blue-i), housings and etc. they are focusing on selling a camera with our brand not a housing. it dose not mean they housing is less qualified but i may say the housing can be less important than the dsp (Monalisa etc) for them. CNB will drive brand sales more and more so the reseller will has less profit. in 2010, CNB sales amount will meet 1 billion$. the picture quality for the latest box cameras now, Wonwoo is using XDI (LG) Dsp with Sony CCD and CNB is using its own dsp (Monalisa and Blue-i) with Sony CCD. some says update Monalisa (i also have seen it in Tokyo security show in this March) shows better quality than XDL. i think Wonwoo should hire Samsung DSP even i could understand the reason of their hesitation.