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    Separate section on lenses?

    interesting discussion point. Where did you find that one on Tamron? As i only remember reading that Tamron and Pentax where the only ones available with good MPx lenses.
  2. rikky

    PTZ problems with Kalatel CyberDome

    If you're using a star config I suppose that you're using a signal distributor to have the RS data transmitted (guess GE has this available in their product range) ? Other important issue with all domes is to see if every star-line is proparly terminated.
  3. rikky

    PTZ problems with Kalatel CyberDome

    using domes, the PTZ control can differ enormously if you're using a bus or a star configuration. Other interesting info is in the type of cable used, and the distances. Can you tell somthing more on your configuration?
  4. rikky

    choosing a CAM

    is it interesting to look at the same camera ?
  5. rikky

    Casino DVR'S

    Wouldn't suggest to go for GEO, if the casino wants to play a safe bet.
  6. rikky

    choosing a CAM

    depends on your application. CCD's are widely used and are available in different flavours and prices on the market. Still CCD is the best choice for low light environments. What they mostly lack is Wide dynamic range possibilities. Therefore CMOS chips are being used to have pixel per pixel analysis, and able to cope with WDR situtations.
  7. I thought they had there own manufacturing plant, of the company which was bought by GE, namely the Kampro brand. So I'd wonder why they would do OEM when having own manufacturing.
  8. rikky

    most cost effective 16 channel dvr

    what frame rate per camera and picture resolution are you looking at?
  9. Has anyone already got a price on the EWM40 ?
  10. ... doesn't make me any wiser
  11. any experiences with PTZ domes including fan / heater ?? Mostly it are these add-ons which are power consuming.
  12. Dennis, Most popular Megapixel cams come from Arecont and IQinvision. Although when you mention 'display over IP' beware that the bandwith available is sufficient. As most of the present Megapixel cams have got MJPEG compresion onboard they have good quality pictures, but lack efficient bandwith usage.
  13. interesting results. helpfull if we knew how these guys have put the cameras to the test.
  14. rikky

    DVR/NVR system recommendation...

    If you've got that number of cameras you'll definitely need to have the hardware and software to cope with these. Therefore only choose for the big ones, like Verint, Indigo, Visiowave, Nice, .... who are able to handle this.
  15. [[Rory is right the GE dvrs are nice units, but they don't make their cameras...]] Normicgander, what do you mean by GE doesn't make their camera's. Which company does manufacture their cam's?
  16. rikky

    Cat5 Cable + and -

    agree with the +'s as mentionned. On the - side, you should take into account that most baluns don't have AGC build-in, leaving you in many cases with a video signal which is out of balance, meaning no 1Vpk, deformed sync puls and colour burst. This can result in the DVR not willing to take the video signal into account. Therefore the best is still to have a scope on-site, in order to be able to tweak the video signal with the potentio meters build-in the active receivers.
  17. OK, Thanks for making this clear
  18. Hi Collin, As you were using the former version of the EWM40, I'm really interested to know how well this is performing. Can you elaborate on the pro's and con's of this equipment? Thanks,
  19. rikky

    False camera specs

    Think I once saw a UK magazine, called Security Installer performing bench testing on different cameras and other digital recording systems.
  20. rikky

    Low Light Camera Test Comparison

    Hi CCTV_donw under, As I'm reading your paragraphs on the Bosch cam's, you mention on the backfocus that you can switch this on the camera without using a ND filter. So far so good, as this feature is also available on other cameras. Adding up to that you mention that there are even no screws. Does this mean you set the backfocus completely vie PC, without going out there at the camera?
  21. coming back on the Bosch discussion, it's indeed correct that the XF is a real camera show case. Although a camera can be too complicated and expensive if you'd compare it to the standard cameras available on the market. In this case, where we are talking on standard light conditions for interior use, it's still to prove that the Bosch camera will perform much better than the price and feature list pretend. It can even become too complicated. As different technicians are even not interested in having PC-setup cameras, because 1) not all of them have got a laptop available 2) the more features available, the more things can go wrong. So that's why still so many dip-switch cameras are being sold in the market today, for a fast and easy job.
  22. had similar effects - monitors going black when using switchers. This happened years ago, when LCD's weren't yet that common and technology not yet that good performing. I was told that if the camera inputs on the switcher are not synchronised you'll always have this kind of effects. Only it will be less visible on tube screens as the switching is faster than on LCD screens. Can anybody confirm on this??
  23. see also photron.com, high-speed cams even up to 10.000 f/s
  24. rikky

    Specs for cam

    important is to define with your customer the specific field of view he wants to obtain. It's common that gas station-owners want to have it all with only 1 camera, meaning an overview of all lanes + the license plates of the different cars. As stated already above, beware that each application requires specific cameras / lenses.
  25. Just came across the Acti web site; and found quite some nice stuff. Has anyone got experiences with these cameras / encoders / software for IP solutions. Look forward to your comments.