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  1. RedHot-30

    Inetcam switcher

    Yes I would like to do something with this setup. A diagram of the cable pinouts would be very helpful, as I would like to add a couple of composite cameras with conventional video/audio connectors. (probably won't us the audio thou.) Amazing that you found these for $10.00. They used to charge a rediculous amount years ago. Curious, what do you want for 2 cameras? Thanks for the reply,
  2. I hope I am in the right forum. I have an Inetcam VS-800 video switcher that I would like to utilize. Unfortunately, it uses RJ-45 connectors as it's inputs. I've done a ton of research on this and have not been able to find what I need. Does anyone have the pinouts for these inputs. I would like to use composite video inputs into these RJ-45 connectors. (I would assume that I will have to provide DC to the cameras independently.) Can anyone help me accomplish this PLEASE! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  3. Thanks for the reply. What I mean by "clarity" is not the picture quality, but just wanted to understand how this unit worked. I need to be able to hook this unit up to the cable modem, (with a router I suspect), then be able to hook up a camera to it so that I can check on the situation at my mothers apartment. Wanted to be sure that I could do this WITHOUT a computer at that location. As I understand it, i will need a router to hook up to the cable modem, then this unit goes into the router. (Feel free to tell me I'm doing it wrong if need be) Thank you Andy
  4. ...Anyone???????????????
  5. Has anyone had any experience with the Aviosys - IP Video - 9100A, IP digital web server. Being new to the IP side of things, I have a personal need to be able to use this unit, without an on site computer, to monitor the comings and goings at my mothers apartment. Trying to confirm her stories of "workers, entering her apartment", (dementia, alzheimers situation). I have a cable modem there already. My understanding is that I should be able to hook this unit up, and with a camera, monitor the traffic at her place (just the front door entry/exit only). Can anyone coment on this unit. I really need the clarity on this unit. Thank you in advance for your time. Andy
  6. RedHot-30

    WTB: Inetcam A-110 adaptor cable

    WTB: INETCAM A-110 adaptor cable, RJ-45 to RCA Looking for two Thank you