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  1. need2shave

    CCTV for Farm with no internet

    Point to point antennas if line of site is available would work. Solar with battery backup and analytics for detection. Unless you're experienced with solar, networking, and CCTV; you may want a pro for such a setup. Not a low cost solution but it is possible.
  2. need2shave

    Need Help Building Security System

    Personally, I would start with reviewing external lighting, concealment locations around the property, door hardening, and an alarm system before going the camera route. Unless you have a high budget for analytics & intrusion detection capabilities, cameras are an after the fact forensic tool. From my experience, most bad actors walk right past them and they offer little in terms of deterrence. An alarm system and hardened doors however offer much more in terms of deterrence. I'd rather prevent than try to figure out who was responsible after the fact. Having all of the above is best, but if you're starting from scratch, cameras would be a few steps down the list on priority. But since you asked, Hikvision is my preferred go to for residential. Good quality at good price point. Keep the NVR and cameras from the same manufacturer to limit issues.
  3. Does anyone have a recommendation for facial recognition software for retail? Looking for something that would flag known shoplifters and VIPs. I see Hikvision has a solution coming out but am wondering about existing solutions and whether they have been effective and ballpark price.
  4. need2shave

    Anyone have experience with cellular cameras?

    We build and sell these systems but use cameras tied to embedded routers with Verizon service. They are 3g/4g routers. Using motion detection to trigger is worthless due to unreliability and numerous false alarms. You need to use an analytic solution instead. The systems we build send activity based alerts to the cloud and notify you. Typical data consumption per unit a month is under 1GB.
  5. I'm looking for a VideoIQ surface mount or two - part number VIQ-DMSK1. Looking to buy used or new. If anyone has any to sell, please shoot me a PM with the price.
  6. need2shave

    Servision MVG400

    No sorry, long gone.
  7. I've got an Avigilon Rialto I4 that I'd like to have play an audio message when the analytics are triggered. I'd like the alarm output to trigger the device to play the recording...my question is, can anyone recommend an audio device for this purpose? I've hooked up speakers for a monitoring station to talk down a trespasser, but I'm looking strictly for an audio device that will play a recording. Thanks!
  8. need2shave

    Video Format Issues - Hikvision

    It is a royal pain...I really wish they'd do the same too.
  9. need2shave

    Need help w/ Hikvision setup

    Cameras will only benefit you from preventing if you're watching them unless you're using analytics which is outside your price range. I'd take your budget and reinforce your doors (not expensive if you DIY) - see armorconcepts.com. I'd also put security film on your windows (again well within budget if you DIY) - http://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-18621/Protection-Tapes/Security-Window-Film-Rolls-36-x-25?pricode=WY760&gadtype=pla&id=S-18621&gclid=CjwKEAiA7MWyBRDpi5TFqqmm6hMSJAD6GLeAPjc7duNIjn4QvMixktyH49tALLyclRAm20VbLPJuNxoC7EPw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Next I'd obtain an intrusion alarm system. All of this should be within your budget. After these three are done, then I'd look at cameras.
  10. need2shave

    Video Format Issues - Hikvision

    Many surveillance cameras require conversion before playing on standard players. VSPlayer allows for conversion in the toolbox icon. It is a time consuming process. WinXD Video Converter Deluxe also works well. My only issue with it is it seems to top out at 1920x1080p. Your best bet is likely VSPlayer - free download from Hikvision. Open the player, click on the toolbox, select convert. After you add the files make sure you change the output from Hik to MP4 or AVI. http://overseas.hikvision.com/us/Tools_82.html
  11. I'm looking to run video out from an NVR circa 400 ft to a monitor. Would HDMI or VGA suffice for this length? Would an extender be needed? I've never gone beyond 100' so am looking for some guidance. Thanks!
  12. Hik's are 720p. I'm not sure what other brands you're referring to. I've never used Hik's covert camera with a Dahua NVR but I have used other Hik cameras with them. They worked. I'd bet you have a better chance of pairing Hik with a Dahua NVR than a no-name brand.
  13. hikvision has a good covert camera also...we've used dozens of them and they're gtg
  14. We use Hikvision's covert camera all the time but I haven't paired it with a Dahua NVR. That said, I've used many other Hik cameras with Dahua NVRs and haven't had issues as long as UPNP is disabled.
  15. Integrate outdoor PIRs at the camera and use alarm based recording. You may be able to use your existing system.