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  1. fishingmaniac

    School Football Field Camera System

    Anyone with experience designing a new school football field camera system? I’m wondering how many cameras and their locations to best provide 100% coverage and if these can be used to broadcast games too? Would fixed work or would you need PTZ? These would primarily be used for 24/7 security.
  2. fishingmaniac

    POE - Which Switch?

    FWIW I just ordered the Everfocus 10/100/1000 16 port managed POE about $500. 180Watt available budget. More than enough for most cameras. My indoor cameras are 4Watt. My outdoor PTZ are suppossed to be 18Watt with heater and blower and I don't have any yet.
  3. I am interested in what experiences others here have found to be good/bad video analytics software companies and whether they only work with ONVIF or only specific IP cameras and/or certain NVR manufacturer's. Please forgive me if this has already been posted and kindly point me to where. I'm sure there's a lot of overpriced crap out there so for that reason I just want to throw this question out there for discussion. I know good is subjective but one having great features, that actually work well, such as: object left, object removed, virtual fence, vehicle counting, facial recognition, gun, etc. I saw one a while back that will follow a person's face and switch the monitor from camera to camera as the person being watched moves about the building (real nice - real handy). Pretty sure Bosch, ONSSI and would like to know which and others that have this most of the above, and I'm also wondering about compatibility with various ONVIF cameras and various NVR platforms. I believe most are add on software packages but some are built-in and included.
  4. I'm looking for good/bad recommendations for a 30W per channel, rack-mountable 16 port POE switch. My choices now seem to be: Trendnet TPES160 10/100 (not gigabit?) Everfocus ESM316T002R4 10/100/1000 (highest price) DLINK DGS15002) 10/100/1000 (best price) any others I should considder? I think these all say managed. Don't think I really need managed (at this time anyway), and managed may be a PIA to set up if I don't need it, or are the switches still plug and play not requiring managed setup? I think I have heard there are 60W per channel units, is that correct? Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  5. fishingmaniac

    IP cam Test Monitor

    Head end is already installed - it's just that I prefer to work alone - get more done and it's cheaper - no one to blame but myself
  6. fishingmaniac

    IP cam Test Monitor

    In my particular application I will already have poe available at the camera. I have a bunch of fixed analog Bosch Unity Series analog box cameras in heater/blower enclosures fixed to the sides of buildings on elbow brackets. So the pinpoint acts as a pass-thru for the poe to the camera, and as a splitter for the network connection to the camera. I just did a little research and found this nifty little ASUS 5-in-1 : Router, Access Point, Universal Repeater, Ethernet Adapter, Hotspot much smaller than a pack of butts http://www.asus.com/Networking/WL330N/ It sells for about $45 Aluratek External battery pack - Li-Ion 5200 mAh USB Portable Power Supply is a small usb connected battery an easy/cheep way to leave it connected to the Pinpoint by itself. It sells for around $40 or you can get bigger ones So now the question remains: Will it pass the connection from ip cameras embedded web page wirelessly? Ethernet adapter mode sounds like it should work? Then I can either stand on my extension ladder with my $200 Nexus7, iPad or Windows based widget and not be tethered so I can walk around the coverage area with it a little bit as well
  7. fishingmaniac

    IP cam Test Monitor

    Wrt54g not poe. Don't need it with the pinpoint cause it passes the Poe through from the supply. But might need it for the network path between the cam and the tablet. Trying to figure out how to do a direct connect using wireless
  8. fishingmaniac

    IP cam Test Monitor

    What about using that Veracity Pinpoint (about the size of a pack of cigs and under $40) and a wireless access point (about the size of a pack of cigs and under $40), then connecting wirelessly using a tablet (Nexus7/$250, iPad, etc)? It just seems like it would be a better, cheaper way. But unsure about the connectivity issues I like the Iomnis POE tablet but $1000 and I'll probably drop the thing! And it's limited in it's other uses while a regular tablet is much more useful all around.
  9. fishingmaniac

    Capture DVR's and accessories in USA

    I did find a solution for this problem, a new source, and I can now sell the DVR replacements and nice upgrades for that line. The new units are fantastic with hybrid and IP NVR(s) available as well. And you can continue to use the RAS Plus remote software, or upgrade to one of two higher level software versions. If anyone needs to purchase them please PM me.
  10. fishingmaniac

    Dome Camera with 360 Degree Coverage

    Do most or all megapixel cams use H.264 also?
  11. fishingmaniac

    Dome Camera with 360 Degree Coverage

    You need there special DVR for recording I'm fairly certain that the Capture/Omniscape 360 is a dead line. The reason I joined this forum was to try to find out more information about the origins of Capture's OEM. I know much of the Richardson/Burtek/ADI story, having bought them from each, but where do/did they come from(in Korea I think), and who else might have the same units under a different brand name, if I may ask? Please email or PM me if you have any information. I have quite a few different Capture DVR's installed, with very good luck I might add, and would like to get their PTZ controller, their 26x zoom PTZ camera(s) and maybe even an Omniscape 360 if it will work with their larger DVR's (I doubt it will). Great link to the other site that has a very similar unit. I've already sent them an email to see if it is the same unit(It's gotta be).
  12. fishingmaniac

    Remote viewing with iPhone, Blackberry and Mac

    What does everybody think about icrealtime or cctvstar ? Both considerably less expensive. Granted not hybrid for the cheep units, but if they work well, what the heck, and you get the job?
  13. I have numerous Capture (the brand) DVR's installed, both embedded and PC based, and have been very happy with them. They were purchased through Richardson Electronics, then Burtek and then ADI. My understanding is that ADI just stopped selling most of the DVR's compatible with the existing RAS software, and have changed the line to be a more "cost effective"(read that inexpensive) product. Anyone else in the same boat, left holding a lot of these out there? I believe that they are made in, and private labeled from, Korea. Are there other OEMs that sell similar devices compatible with the Capture line? I was told ADI still has some available in Canada but they won't bring one or tow of them here, and what's the point anyway if the line we've been using is discontinued here in the US. If I could only find another supplier for the original manufacturer here in the US...