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  1. ray_uk

    2 Dome Camera's for sale

    Suitable for business premises. I have for sale 2 speed dome camera's. I purchased these's last year for a friend who went bankcrupt. The camera's cost £300 and £200 I also got 2 PTZ control boxes brand new. These cost about £200 the two. Details of the camera's as follows. Swann Pro-650 tm dome camera pan and tilt zoom etc Samsung SCC-C9302 (F)P pan and tilt zoom Sorry I cant install them, but can hook them up to the TV Please only genuine buyer only. How much are they worth ? tyell me and email your offers to me at my email address ray underscore46646 at yahoo dot co dot uk easy to work out as I don want spam mail Thanks Ray
  2. ray_uk


    Hi The hardrive is in perfect working order tested in my computer for a week and in a caddy, perfect. Ive run the recorder as you say and seems to work ok. With the back off the heat sink on the power supply is extremely hot. I will leave it on overnight and see what happens. The trouble is the fault is intermittent, and may work for days. Owing to the heat, could be a solder fracture. Im sending it back. Thanks all Ray
  3. ray_uk


    Hi Thanks for reply. The seller is still saying Im putting in a wrong hardrive Getting confused. What is the difference between a PC Sata Drive and a CCTV drive. Ray
  4. ray_uk


    Hi Last month I purchased an 8 chan cctv recorder on ebay. Over the las week I noticed the recorder getting very hot. It would then shut down. Wait a few mins and it will work perfect again. This may last a few days, then shut down again. Ive been in touch with the seller, and he replied its the hardrive faulty. Its a western digital 1 Ter drive. Ive tested the drive in my pc and is working fine. I then put the drive into a backup caddy and is working 100%. So I presume my hardrive is ok. I told the seller this and Im not happy in what he said.. He told me that PC hardrives wont work in CCTV Recorders. Ive never ever heard of this. Hope you can help me. Here is the reply below. Many thanks Ray. Hi Ray, A PC hard drive only works when you press "save" on a PC... in a dvr they are working 24 hours a day (even if you have motion detection set up, the dvr constantly records to the hard drive and overwrites every 30 seconds or so)... Hence a PC hard drive is not recommended for a DVR - if they were, then manufacturers would not make purpose built CCTV hard drives... As advised previously, if you want us to test the unit, we are happy to do so. If we find the fault is not related to the hard drive, then we will replace / refund, but obviously we need to test the unit before we can decide what is at fault. Same for the remote control, if you want to return that, we can test it. Our return details are: