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  1. I am selling the following to clean out my "attic" of used / new (opened) CCTV items: Bosch/Philips LTC8555 New (open box) $300 Bosch/Philips KBD-Universal (Used) $350 Bosch/Philips LTC8780 (Used) $250 2 - Bosch/Philips LTC8780 (Used) (Only 2 of 3 output connectors) $200 Shipping to continental US not included Paypal accepted. PM me if interested. I may take a day or two to get back to you. Nothing personal
  2. the card has been sold.
  3. For Sale: GV-650 Card and software version 8.01 The card was purchased because I was going to use it for my house. I have out grown the card capacity (4 ports) and moved on to something else. It was used for approximately 4 months. There are software upgrades available but I'm not exactly sure what version you can go up to with this card. Cost - $150 plus shipping costs. Paypal accepted.
  4. Bob

    Looking for an Older Geovision card

    I have a GV650 4 channel that I would let go. What are you thinking. I have the box, the book and version8.01 CD included. It was only used for a few months as an evaluation. It is legit. Bob
  5. If that camera has ftp capabilities you don't need any software. Set it up to ftp an image to a ftp server once a day.
  6. Having experiance with about 10 different access control systems over the last 12 years I would say my humble opinion is to go with a really simple system like Keri or Keyscan. Or go with a system that is able to grow like Software House. It really depends on your customers needs. Do yourself a favor. Check out several different systems. You need to be a dealer for Software house. Edit: I almost forgot about S2...Duh. It is a really cool web based system that works very well. No server needed. It's all in the panels. (Apparently one of the key people from software house previously, is involved heavily with S2)
  7. I have not but recently did a job with a company that did. They seemed to like it. It was a very simple system similar to a Northern or Keyscan panel.
  8. Bob

    panasonic wj-hd316a

    I believe the pin hole is for DST settings. Call tech support and they can help you. You probably have to give the DVR the 3 or 4 finger salute on power up.
  9. He could use the Q4704.... It has individual connectors for each RS-422. The CM9760CXTA only has a single RS422 input to 16 looping Coaxitron outputs, it would be easiest if he used a multichannel encoder that has a single RS422 output for all PTZ's, otherwise he will need a RS422 data merger to feed all the encoder outputs to one input on the CM9760CXTA. I've used these in the past to allow a DVR to control multiple Coaxitron cameras, should work the same with encoders. I have also used the 9760 to do the same thing. They work well and are the best solution to the problem.
  10. You can use Locknetics (Schlage) 510 or 515 power supply with their DCM modules to do the interlock. There are some examples on their website that allow the interlock to operate separately and still interface with the access control system. Call them and they will be able to get you going. Their supplies are a bit pricey but work well.
  11. I'm in the holiday spirit. PM me with a respectable offer and it's yours.
  12. The unit was used for about 1 year. Price $3000 plus shipping. (Continental US Only) Paypal accepted. http://www2.panasonic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ModelDetail?displayTab=O&storeId=11201&catalogId=13051&itemId=131559&catGroupId=40051&surfModel=WJ-ND300A/1000V Unit was too big for application. I decided on a lower cost option.
  13. I have installed several NS202, NS202A, 284, and 484's and have not seen any issues with IE7.
  14. Try removing and reinstalling the viewer software. Download the latest from panasonic's website.