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  1. Can you search by selecting an area for motion (Smart Search, pixel search) with ATCi NVR software? Thanks for your replies,
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    Pendant Mount

    Need 21 Pendant mounts for Dahua 2 MP dome if some one can supply
  3. Can I run an Avigilon client on a Mac computer?
  4. Do you really have to keep pushing this down everyones throats, this forum is for advise or to help not to advertise What? You deaf
  5. Do you really have to keep pushing this down everyones throats, this forum is for advise or to help not to advertise
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    Hi There from Australia

    Beerwah sounds like my kinda place, spent some time in Ipswitch outsida Brisbane and Surfers and was welcomed by very kind people, Drank too much VB
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    Please old timers and moderators keep this forum impartial
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    another free camera

    Not only camera, but a nice A/I varifocal lens to boot. Nice score
  9. FYI They are re-branded Vivotek cameras http://www.vivotek.com/products/model.php?network_camera=fd8361l Thanks, price looks great though, have you tried them?
  10. Just ordered 7 of these, haven't tried them yet though http://www.spytown.com/toshiba-ik-wr12a.html
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    Hello from the Bay Area

    Would be glad to help
  12. Need to add to an existing system were we used Sanyo HD3500/3300. With these not being available anymore I am looking for a suitable alternative. Application is car dealer, outdoor, lightning is average at night. I would prefer to stick with the Sanyo if anyone has a source. Thanks guys
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    IQEye or ACTi

    Thank you Sirs, I found some 2 megapixel Toshiba's for $430.00 that should do nicely, vandalproof, varifocal IP67 etc
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    what's the Wiegand format?

    Dean, I did not mean to offend you Alex, I'm a bit long in the tooth to be offended, just here to try and help mate and have a laugh.
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    what's the Wiegand format?

    It is not JUST to transmit unique identifiers such as facility code, site code or employee number and .... Main thing to secure any data from reader to panel Hence the word ' Unique'
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    Conduit Sizing.

    Just avin a giraffe, thought you two bob bits had a sense
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    Conduit Sizing.

    EMT is like MT but full
  18. An incoming alarm to where? How will the PTZ receive the signal to go to the preset if it is not output to input or over coaxitron? What is your recording device?
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    Residential Townhouse Install

    You probably already thought of this but realize the PTZ will need 2-3amps especially if the heater kicks on. When it comes to programming you could drive the PTZ with motion detection from the fixed cameras or other alarms so I would run an extra CAT5 to the PTZ for this purpose
  20. This was one heavy S.O.B.
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    IQEye or ACTi

    Buellwinkle Thanks for the reply, what I really need is an outdoor dome with varifical lens, good low light and between 1.3 or 2 MP for around $400-500. Thanks
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    Moving PTZ camera

    This is referred to as a rail camera, worked on one many years ago but have not seen them since. They were high maintenance if I remember rightly.
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    Up date on Pendant dome for my Toshiba

    Tom, didn't know if you knew about these guys http://www.domes.co.uk/en/item?c=2 for housings and poles for external PTZ's
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    Key West !! Its bloody cold down here too, 58 degrees this morning bbbrrrr