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  1. BTW, I am set up with about 5 distributors, but I don't know which one to choose. I have been a Satellite dealer for the last 5 years and the last 6 months we have been advertising Security with little success. This is our first big job. I'm pretty experienced with wiring, but I have never dealt with a ceiling like this so high off the ground. I don't see how it can be too difficult, as lighting was my biggest worry. What else can you add for a newbie?
  2. Yes, I am very new to everything, and I have studied off and on over the past year. I just haven't found a good resource on where to train, or what to train on exactly. I have set up a couple of Camera jobs, but they were very, very basic.
  3. I have a corporation that wants 9-10 cameras installed. He has bright lights on the outside of the building so I would like something that is impervious to all light conditions (if possible) On the outside, I'm pretty sure that on each side of the building, (it is a perfect square), that I can cover each corner of the front and back (most important) with PTZ cameras that record on motion. Question: How can I calculate the range of motion a camera will cover? Secondly: I want ALL the cameras to be able to switch between low light, high light, so on, so I can install it once and be done. The inside, and the doors, shouldn't be to difficult to install, and they do not have to be Pan, Tilt, Zoom. I also need a DVR, a backup, and for future applications, he wants to be able to have internet access (they are in the country on low speed internet at the moment) and he wants a 16 channel multi-plexer so he can add additional cameras at a later time. What would you recommend based on this limited information and what questions can you hit me with to make sure I can do this correctly? I'm looking for a good distributor that I can get set up with quickly that is quite knowledgable and helpful with these type of applications. I took some digital pictures, but my battery ran out, (damn it!), before I could finish taking all of them. LAST QUESTION: On the inside, 5 or 6 cameras, would it be an ok idea to use Wireless? He doesn't have many wireless devices in the building, and the ceiling is very, very high. He will want the cables concealed and it would be easier just to install wireless if possible. I want to make sure all the cameras integrate with each other obviously.
  4. Ideally, I would like to be able to suggest a wireless solution. How many cameras would be needed for 4 lanes? Where would you position them? What would the wireless range be? Which has the most goodies? I'll be going be going business to business tommorow if you can help me get this solved.
  5. Right on the head! Your state requires both, or am I being heckled?
  6. EZJ

    How to tackle Gas Stations

    In my mind something that is not being lowballed on the internet. I'm wanting to do this on the local level. And get the training before I start.
  7. I am very interested in this technology and I think the sales potential is endless. A: What distributors are you using? B: What type of considerations have to be taken into account on each and every job? C: What type of laws or rules are associated with ID Door locks? (Kind of like, recording Audio for Security, and having a required sign up) D: Does anyone have a bid form? E: What are the diffrences between doors and what do I need to look out for? F: Do I need a new set of tools for residential or commercial? I know very little about doors in general. I have really had no reason to pay attention to doors other than the fact that I turn the knob and open the door. It seems to me that it would be better to start with Residential and move to Commercial. I really think this could be a very solid business. I just don't know what is good out there in terms of product lines and selection. I'm not sure exactly where to start to learn. I would like to make a $150-$300 margin plus per sale not including installation. Is this possible? Smarthome claims that there locks install in like 10 or 15 minutes and are very easy. I would prefer for customers to install the units themselves so I can continue selling. I ESPECIALLY want to learn commercial access control, because I believe that is where it is at. Many have warned me that this is complicated and tough, and i was scared off of it a few months ago. Can I get a detailed discussion of what is involved here positive and negative? This could be good not only for me, but hopefully for others here as well.
  8. Yes, but will the backs of the cars always face the direction of the Gas Station? I would ideally like to have 2 cameras on each side of the vehicle. (Because I am assuming that different cars have the pumps on diffrent sides of the vehicle depending on the manufacturer) If being lower to the ground and near the vehicles would cause more dust and grime, then I would make sure that the gas station made it a requirement for their help to go out and clean the cameras whenever necessary. What type of distance could solar powered wireless cameras cover? Is this an option or is it a bad one?
  9. EZJ

    How to tackle Gas Stations

    From what I have been told, it would be best to get "protected brands" Who do you recommend? I am not familiar with Geo Systems. Do they have a website?
  10. EZJ

    Looking to Sub-Contract

    I am not set up with any alarm companies as of yet, and we are getting quite a few requests for work. Would anyone here be interested in paying a subcontract rate for ADT, Brinks, or your own independent alarm co? We can negotiate on commission. intrepid@dumpcable.com
  11. If this is the wrong forum, please move it. CCTV, Alarm Systems, and Biometrics. Please email me at intrepid@dumpcable.com Our office is in Frankfort Indiana.
  12. Just the fact that we have never done it. How do you get the wiring from the pumps to inside the building? Here it is concrete all the way to the building. And I am a newbie.
  13. EZJ

    How to tackle Gas Stations

    I hate to admit it, but way over my head Scott. Where could I learn about these systems?
  14. The biggest challenge we have run into is, how to run the wiring? How are you guys doing it?
  15. I would be interested in seeing them too!