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  1. almelst

    HACKED appears on all my Cameras

    Boogieman, this is Dahua , not Hikvision! I suggest upgrading firmware to the latest version, setting strong passwords (mix uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters) and changing ports. Works on Hikvision, hope it works on Dahua too. This happens on systems running with default passwords and ports, no special backdoor needed. Newer versions of Hikvision firmwares do not allow simple passwords, and that's it.
  2. Which ivms are you thinking of: 4200 or 4500 ? I think it has nothing to do with remote app. DVR has changed its settings to factory default. Did you have a case like this?
  3. Few days ago, several 7108-HWI-SH/SL DVRs which I installed crashed and reset to factory default settings. IP/TCP became DHCP, admin password changed to default, also all other settings. Interesting thing is that it happened probably the same day ,I can't be sure, because people called as soon they discovered the fault. Did anybody encounter the same problem? It looks like there is some malware on internet, specialized for Hikvision DVR.
  4. almelst

    Hikvision Video Drop

    You should be more specific: does the picture disappear ("No Video" notification) instantly or gradually , does it fade in color and brightness, becomes black etc. ? Perhaps you could post some snapshots.
  5. Live view resolution is practically the one set for normal recording. You can only try to set recording in substream resolution. BTW , I see no point in using 2MP cameras and using them in resolution. If you want to extend recording period, rather set lower frame rate and recording quality or use H264+ compression.
  6. almelst

    hikvision dvr password hacked

    Same thing happened to me lately on 3 Hikvision's DVRs. Two of them had default passwords , but the third one had not. It looks that there is some malicious software running around the internet.
  7. Analog DVRs are hard to find nowadays but, fortunately, all HD (AHD,CVI,TVI) DVRs are compatible with old analog cameras. You an buy any model, I suggest Hikvision or Dahua because of price/quality ratio. Later, you can also improve your system by replacing the old analog camera(s) with newer HD or FullHD one(s).
  8. I suppose you access your DVR from PC using local IP address (192.168.xxx.yyy) so it's accessible in local network, but for internet access you probably need to forward some ports on your router or use P2P Cloud connection. For more extensive answer I need more information about your system.
  9. Solution: Installed NVMS7000, another Hikvision compatible app and everything works fine. Even looks better , if you ask me ...
  10. Almost every CCTV equipment producer offers an "encoder", a device which transfers analog video signal to some IP protocol, mostly ONVIF. Search a bit , but you may be unpleasantly surprised by the price.
  11. almelst

    Advice needed

    Ak357, It's certainly a fun looking at these pictures, but it ain't no fun paying the camera to get them. I guess that the second and the third picture are digitaly zoomed from the first one, otherwise it wouldn't be any fun at all. Btw, what is the camera's resolution?
  12. almelst

    Advice needed

    Whaterever camera resolution is used, your monitor will probably have max FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080 ~ 2 Mpix) so you won't see any difference in picture quality with 3 or 4 Mpix cameras unless you manually zoom in. Digital zoom from to 4 Mpix to 2 Mpix is only approx. 1.4 ratio, but much higher price ratio. You'll get better result with four 2MP cameras than with two 5 MP. PoE IP or analog HD (TVI,CVI AHD) ? PoE IP is simpler for wiring, the analog HD is cheaper.
  13. Generally , you should connect the modulator before any taps to minimize the attenuation, but you can try and connect it to any tap connection. Maybe the signal is strong enough to pass through reverse path attenuation.
  14. almelst

    unbranded dvr password forgotten

    Post some pictures, DVR and menu screen, that could help.
  15. Why don't you use an IP camera instead and avoid using analog/IP converter ?