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  1. Make sure you check the legal regulations of audio recording in your state.
  2. NatyCCTV

    Funky Place of Professional Interest

    Thanks! It's been a while... Now that I've gotten this priceless advice, I won't let the industry down!
  3. Just thought I'd boast with where a job in CCTV industry got me: http://southernmichiganparanormalconference.com/index.htm Boasting rights can be debatable, but if you're a weirdo, or an installer, or both, you might be able to find some opportunities there. Ghost busters use IR cameras - no news. What was news for me is that they have conventions! So, if you have a free weekend, this might be an interesting place to go - to check out something different. And not to mention... to possibly win a security system that will be raffled off by a CCTV manufacturer that I will not admit working for.. Anyways, I'll be there, I'll have fun. Thank you for your kind attention!
  4. Indoor/Outdoor Color Vandalproof Camera with 80' IR by Zmodo.
  5. NatyCCTV

    digital cctv specification

    Did you want the second camera (to recognize faces) to be indoor or outdoor?