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  1. Mark Farr

    Old cctv system

    RJ11 Its a connector used in telephone's and telephone systems. Have seem a couple of "old" packages like this. Again what are you trying to achive?
  2. The blue screen...is it split into 4? does it have the time and date in the corner? This will tell us if the DVR is working
  3. Mark Farr

    UK CCTV suppliers

    I get some bits off Max, and have found him very god to deal with. Also ACP Cencepts is another good one I found thru ebay,
  4. Don't mean to offen but hve the camera's got power? in the box there is normally a 5amp Power supply with a 5 way splitter, one end for the DVR and the other 4 for the camera's. is it connected up right?
  5. Mark Farr

    RG59 siamese with 4 wires?

    Yeah this kind of cable is availible here in the UK, search "system q" in google, not sure if they will ship outside the uk tho
  6. high end - http://computarganz.com/ cheap - ebay You do get what you pay for, but it will also depend on budget and what the system is required for. Draw up a list of what it needs to do, you may find that you can mix and match I.e. high end DVR with a couple of good PTZ's then add in a few cheaper cameras for less importent areas.
  7. Mark Farr

    Cannot access DVR from new mobile phone

    What happened when you tried to use qqeye on the mini? I ask as i use it on a HTC HD2 without any problems. Cheers Mark
  8. Mark Farr

    Old CCTV

    Got some cracking photos of some botch jobs that I have had to repair. Will upload when I get home
  9. Mark Farr

    Sentient N63HH - Internet Logon Issue

    Also try deleting your internet history refreshing the page and logging on again. Also make sure the media port is open, normally port 9000 on these
  10. Mark Farr

    CnM Secure 4 Channel H.264 DVR

    Check the DVR settings, chances are it will use a differtent port for mobile access often something like 15961
  11. Mark Farr

    This is our trade

    Forums are the way of things now and have been for a long time. Before CCTV I worked in the Mobile Phone (Cell phone for you Americans) Business. And forums were the way forward then, sharing within and industry is good and helps everyone. Yes end customers do read these forums and we may loose out on a small amount of business because of that or so you might think but you don't really. I used to repair a lot of mobile phones that customers had tried to unlock or repair themselves. Now I get a lot of call outs to CCTV systems that customers have tried to install themselves. Public awareness is good! It raises the profile of the industry and ultimatly leads to more sales/work!
  12. Mark Farr

    free remote streaming SW

    Although it does soud like a port problem here, its worth noting that I have had some problems with some of the cheaper DVR's that use the CMS plugin for IE. Where even locally, video would not be displayed, and deleting the plugin and deleting IE history and letting it download a fresh copy of the plugin was the only way to cure the problem. Also had some strange problems with the same plugin and Vista.
  13. When you set the AVTech up did you use the AVTech program? Been a while since I have done one of these but was there not an option for audio in the inital setup? Just I seem to recall there was, will check later and come back to you
  14. Mark Farr

    AVTECH 761 DVR over internet question

    Yes you need a static IP Mix them all together? To access from internet, find out from the manual what ports the DVR needs, open them on the router and point to (DVR) Then type your static IP into IE or the AVTech program and away you go.
  15. Mark Farr

    Hi all

    Just to introduce myself, I'm mark. Have been fitting CCTV in the UK for over 4 years. I have been lucky to have experience in fitting high Ganz equipment aswell as much cheaper systems. Hope to be of help, and to learn more from you all